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3 Reasons Why WhatsApp is the Future of Commerce

With 2 billion users and counting, WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform. People across 180 countries use the app to communicate with their friends, families, and co-workers through swift and seamless messaging.

30 Jul 21

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How to pick the right use-cases for your Chatbot

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) became viable for enterprises, it was only a matter of time before businesses turned to AI-powered IVAs and Chatbots as smarter conversational solutions to meet the ever-growing customer expectation.

06 Jul 21

AI Chatbot, G2, Summer 2021 report

G2 Summer 2021 Recognizes Haptik as a Leader for Bot Platform & Live Chat

We've done it ONCE AGAIN! ⭐


For the second quarter in a row, Haptik has been recognized as a category leader for Bots Platform and Live Chat in the G2 Summer 2021 report!

24 Jun 21