Virtual Travel & Hospitality Assistant for your Customer's Entire Journey

With the lifting of travel bans across countries, the travel & hospitality industry has work cut out for itself. The rise in travel means brands must prepare for a rush of customer inquiries from bookings to arrival & beyond. That's where an AI-driven chatbot comes in as the perfect travel concierge for your customers to answer real-time requests and get a first-class experience. 


Build your chatbot in no time 

After building chatbots for multiple leading Travel & Hospitality brands, we've condensed our industry expertise into a library of pre-built conversation workflows that can help you go live with your chatbot quickly.  

These "Smart Skills" are built around popular industry use-cases, such as:

  • Book room or package: Guide users to select and book a room/package instantly
  • Compare products and services: Provide detailed service comparison to help user make an informed decision
  • Upgrade room or package: Assist user to upgrade their booked room or package
  • Get booking details: Fetch upccoming user booking details
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Artboard 1 (9)

Make Traveling Convenient & Hospitality Excellent
While Driving Growth

Lead Generation

Attract and prompt users to explore your travel packages through Click-to-Message conversational ads on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more

Be available to your customers 24*7*365 days a year to assist them with planning, bookings, budgets & more

Capture their real-time interests in the flow of conversation and generate 5X leads instantly


Conversational Commerce

Convert visitors into customers and increase bookings with our powerful recommendation engine that also serves as a personal travel guide

Suggest relevant flights, hotels, price comparisons, customer reviews & more to curate the best travel itineraries for your customers

Reduce drop-offs and encourage users to complete their booking in the first go


Customer Care

Offer delightful post-booking experiences and save up to 90% of customer support costs using our AI-driven Live Chat.

Automate 80% of frequently asked queries such as booking issues, changes in the itinerary, refunds and cancellations, Web check-in

Automatically route complex questions to assigned support agents

Improve metrics like Average Resolution time, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and more