Travel and Hospitality

Virtual Travel Concierge for
the Entire Customer Journey

From helping with bookings to real-time service requests, provide a digital assistant through the entire trip. Supercharge your guests’ customer experience with instant query resolution.

Deliver an exceptional travel experience with Smart Skills

Travelers love experiences, be it real-life or a digital one! With 100+ ready-to-use conversational journeys, Haptik’s Smart Skills is equipped to organize an extraordinary customer journey for your business. Create a memorable experience for your customers by allowing them to converse with you 24/7.

  • 200+ pre built intents to assist your users plan the perfect trip.

  • Pre-built recommendation engine that can crawl through your travel inventory & property meta tags to provide personalized assistance. 

  • Facilitate round-the-clock Customer Support by handling queries related to their payment, reservations, flight bookings, etc.

Increase Bookings & Loyalty

Simplify the search experience using natural language, determine frequently asked queries, and recommend itineraries that accelerate conversions and drive repeat bookings.

Real-Time & Faster Customer Care

Solve guest queries in real-time using AI and avoid long call center queues. Deflect expensive phone traffic and automate post-booking FAQ’s reducing support costs.

Travel Concierge- Anytime, Anywhere

Assist your guests during travel on their preferred channel of communication- be it WhatsApp, messenger or text messaging. Modify itineraries or act as a local guide. A delighted customer is a repeat customer!


Conversational Commerce

Convert visitors into customers and increase bookings using our powerful recommendation engine that serves as an expert travel guide for your users. Suggest relevant booking options, strengthen purchase decision, reduce cart abandonment, and encourage users to complete their transactions in the first go.

Customer Care

Offer delightful post-booking experiences and save up to 90% of customer care costs using our AI-driven Live Chat. Automate support for 80% of frequently asked queries such as booking issues, change in the itinerary, refunds and cancellations, Web check-in, and automatically route complex questions to your support agents, leveraging the right mix of technology and human skills.

Lead Generation

Make the first move to engage with your customers. Haptik IVAs help you upgrade your customer experiences from generic offers and form fills to more personalized and tailored engagement. Start building a pipeline of high-quality prospects, grow conversions with custom, data-driven recommendations, and optimize the entire customer journey.