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Elevate your Customer Experience with

Conversational AI


Create personalized, scalable and omnichannel customer experiences for your entire user lifecycle from product purchase to post-sales support with Haptik's Customer Experience Platform. 

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands

Our Solutions

Emerging Technologies: Current and Future Capabilities of Advanced Virtual Assistants 
G2 Spring 2021 Report recognizes Haptik as a Category Leader for Bot Platform & Live Chat
Featured as one of the Top 16 Solution Providers in Decision Maker’s Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants

4 Billion Successful Interactions

Domain Specific Solution


AI Solutions

Industry rich AI and NLU with pre-built skills to not only solve your key business problems but also reduce the time-to-market

Seamless Omni Channel

Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Consistent & personalized experiences across Chat, Email, Voice & social channels like WhatsApp to improve customer satisfaction. 

Customer Experiences

Customer Experience Workflows

Ability to design and architect  intricate workflows and define complex business logic in conversational journeys with ease & low effort

Powerful Integration

Out-of-the-box Seamless Integrations

Powerful integrations with your existing business tools - Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Sunshine, Freshchat, & others for a unified experience.


70% First Contact Resolution rate for the world’s 3rd largest telecom



2.4x Increase in
online transactions



84% bot automation rate


Your command center for customer experience 

Our Conversation Studio provides a canvas where brands can bring complex use cases and workflows to life quickly.

We offer pre-built and templatized industry-specific smart skills to help you get started on a robust, and scalable platform. 

Also, configure popular live agent software in order to route high-value complex queries to human agents. 

Best-in-class NLP


  • Proprietary NLU Models trained to  accurately determine the intent of complex and multi-intent utterances

  • Smart Assist layer built within the NLU models to bring users back into the conversation through intelligent nudges if the content in the customer’s message is lacking or is ambiguous

  • Seamlessly handle context, state & information collected in previous messages of conversation to further leverage user history and personalize repeat experiences.

Discover critical customer insights


With Haptik, you can monitor every single interaction with your business in real-time.  

With powerful and actionable insights, businesses can improve automation, reduce costs and drive top-line business growth.

Adopt a data-driven decision-making practice by using AI to gain complete visibility into all conversations and derive business trends and user behavior insights.

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