Elevate Learning Experience with Intuitive Chatbots


Offer student support and enriching learning experiences along with enabling seamless parent-tutor collaboration with the help of intuitive chatbots.


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Expedite Admission & Enrollment Process

  • circle-check Allow prospective students to download forms, choose their preferred courses and opt for mode of learning and preferred learning language.
  • circle-check Offer simple and one-click access to information pertaining to fee structure, scholarships, and more.
  • circle-check Give students the option to enroll themselves in their preferred courses and opt for a class.
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Boost Student Engagement & Institution Reputation

  • circle-check Make a positive impression on prospective students and parents by showcasing unique aspects of the institution, campus facilities and more, to trigger interest in enrollment.
  • circle-check Keep students engaged by sharing curricular and co-curricular updates to encourage participation and aid overall development.
  • circle-check Empower students to keep track of their classes, the required learning material for each class, and ensure a healthy learning environment.
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Streamline Student Support

  • circle-check Automate the generation of student scorecards and mark sheets post the evaluation of assessments.
  • circle-check Make learning material available on-demand with the option for students to download as per their convenience.
  • circle-check Alleviate the workload on admin department, including saving time and optimizing costs by automating all common student enquiries.
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Enhance Digital Ed-Tech Experiences with Haptik

Leverage our suite of intelligent tools to improve student engagement & offer timely support


Pre-built Conversation Workflows

Leverage Haptik’s library of 100+ pre-built conversation workflows designed for educational institutions


Proactive Engagement

Proactively engage with students and parents for enrollment, support and course-related queries and offer instant resolution


Support for 130+ Languages

Cater to students and parents from across geographies by leveraging chatbots that support 130+ languages


Smart Agent

Escalate queries that require human intervention and get your query or concern resolved quickly

Why Your Brand Needs Education Chatbots

Drive more leads, sell more courses & improve overall customer satisfaction