Conversational AI Redefining Online Education

Now more than ever, e-learning has become an integral part of the education system. As Edtech platforms strive towards providing the best online learning experiences, brands are also adopting Edtech chatbots to assist students with all the information they need and boost the outreach of quality education.


Build your Edtech chatbot in no time

We've worked in the Edtech industry for years and condensed our knowledge gained over time into pre-built conversation flows, also known as "Smart Skills".

These Smart Skills can help you build your Edtech chatbot quickly and easily with popular use-cases like: 

Student Registration: Instantly register a new student 

Upload Student Documents: Assist users in uploading required documents

Get Document Verification Status: Fetch the verification status of documents shared by the user

Connect with mentor: Chat with a mentor for more details

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Easy for Your Students to Learn, Easier for Your Brand to Grow

Maximize student admissions

Getting admission is a crucial and decision-making stage in any student's life. Help your students make the right decisions and get maximum admissions with always on-support and personalized learning journeys.  

Answer your students' in-the-moment queries through apps they use the most

Make your admission process as simple and easy as talking to a teacher 

Improve course efficacy with organic responses meeting every student’s specific needs.


Engage Students with Continuous Learning

Proactively engage with your students at the right time to push them further in their learning journeys and take the next action.

Send reminders, learning tips, progress reports, and more to keep them constantly focused and motivated. 

Suggest helpful learning content aligned with your students' goals

Evaluate  their learning progress and share personalized feedback 


Support students whenever they need

Connect with your students 1:1 to clarify all their doubts at scale and provide the support they need with your Edtech chatbot.

Automate 90% of repetitive queries related to courses, fees, admissions, scholarships and more with personalization 

Combine this with the expert guidance of your mentors for your student's unique queries & leave them confused. 

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