Why are Product Managers obsessed with CX platforms in 2021?

Reasons - Product Managers obsessed with CX platforms

The most critical skill identified in top-performing product managers is their obsession with customers and their customer experience. In a single day, a product manager makes multiple decisions keeping their customers in mind, and some of these questions might look like - 

What are the problems their customer is facing today? How to solve it? What is the best possible path to experience the solution? Can it be made shorter or optimized? Can they increase customer satisfaction while providing the solution? And lots more. 

Their innate ability to understand customers’ pain points and build experiences to solve such problems often becomes the bread & butter for most businesses. Thus in today’s world, a Product Manager’s responsibility is not only about building features but also creating the best possible experience for customers right from the first interaction till throughout their lifecycle.


Why is Customer Experience critical?

When Bain & Company conducted a  survey on customers of 362 companies, only 8% of them described their experience as “superior.”  Yet 80% of the companies surveyed believed that the experience they have been providing is indeed superior. 

The reason behind this disparity?

The average person interacts with >10x the variety of software they did a decade ago. With brands like Google & Amazon delighting their customers with their experiences - like Amazon one-tap payments, Google searches to find instant results; it increases consumers’ expectations even from other software today. And that’s the biggest challenge for our Product Managers to solve. Customers expect solutions quick & NOW with the most straightforward path that meets their needs. And with every interaction, the gap between customer expectations and experience spells the difference between customer delight and something less.


What makes Product Managers obsessed with CX platforms?

Suppose a customer wants to interact with a brand in today’s world. In that case, they can either visit a website, download the app, connect on social media, send an email or directly call them up - and these are just a few of the options available for brands and customers to connect.

Product managers understand that in such an environment - simple, omnichannel & integrated solutions, where a platform that can talk to customers and other tools in the CX suite - will win the attention of the time-pressed customer.  Individual platforms that cater to only a part of the problem will only offer incomplete or broken CX. Hence every business needs its Product Managers to embed unified customer experiences in their core applications to capture a more significant share of the customer wallet and drive value instantly. 

However, most enterprise software companies fail to build the same experience their customer expects. They often choose to use legacy engagement solutions or build such solutions in-house, but not only does it require expensive resources but is also fragmented & unable to cater to omnichannel needs. Moreover, legacy solutions often fail to meet modern, and upcoming customer needs since the adoption of newer technology is low.  This problem gets further amplified with business growth as customer inquiries, needs, and touchpoints keep increasing, but the response time and the quality of responses are not scalable anymore. Its cascading impact on customer satisfaction and related ROI metrics is what drives the obsession for Product Managers. 


What do Product Managers want from a CX platform?

In 2021, there are a gazillion CX platforms available, but Product Managers want solutions that can meet customer needs whenever they want, wherever they want, while driving the highest satisfaction.  Thus leading to their inclination towards Conversational AI-driven CX platforms. The critical capabilities that make Conversational CX a perfect match for every Product Manager’s needs are  - 

  • Cater to customer needs 24*7 all 365 days of the year

  • Ability to build seamless and unified customer experience across multiple channels like Web, Mobile apps, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business messages & others 

  • Naturally understand what the customer is looking for and provide personalized solutions instantly

  • Automate repetitive customer requests to avoid the burden of time & efforts it would require from humans

  • Drive actionable CX insights using comprehensive real-time dashboards across the customer experience canvas 

  • Build CX journeys independently with low-code solutions that need minimum efforts but drive the maximum ROI 

Haptik is one of the world’s leading Conversational AI platforms, having reached over 100 mn devices and processed over 4 bn conversations. Trusted by global brands, Haptik is the go-to choice for Product managers obsessed with the goal of improving customer experience.


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