Tira & Haptik Partner to Reimagine Customer Experience with Gen AI


Online shopping journeys are complex: customers want answers to a wide range of questions before they complete a purchase or transaction. From understanding product features and specifications to comparing prices and finding the best brand to purchase from - buyers actively look for information that aligns with their needs and preferences. It ultimately shapes their buying decisions, influencing which products and brands they choose to invest in.

Introducing Tira Gen AI Assistant


Our latest innovative solution, built in collaboration with personal care brand Tira, is designed to make online shopping smarter and more streamlined. Named Tira Virtual BFF, and powered by Generative AI, the solution empowers customers to make informed purchases by offering contextual, human-like, and accurate responses to diverse queries.

Customers can ask for personalized product recommendations, information on pricing and availability, order updates, and policies on product returns and refunds, among others. The AI assistant will analyze the user inputs and history of past conversations to provide a contextual response along with a catalog of curated products. This elevates customer satisfaction and streamlines the purchase experience.

The advanced Generative AI capabilities help elevate the conversational experience for customers.

Dynamic Response Generation: With Generative AI at its core, the Tira Virtual BFF generates dynamic and context-specific responses to wide-ranging customer queries. This allows for more free-flowing, human-like conversations - driving higher customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Catalog Search: The Gen AI assistant searches through a catalog of products and displays the best matching ones based on the customer query.

Out-Of-Scope Query Handling: Powered by advanced NLU capabilities, and augmented by GPT, the assistant efficiently handles even the most complex or out-of-scope queries with poise, and in a conversational style ensuring seamless customer interactions.

Integration with Help Center:  Tira Virtual BFF helps automate support at scale by integrating with support content to resolve routine queries faster and more accurately, while initiating a human agent hand-off for more complex questions.

“The integration of ChatGPT-like capabilities into our web AI assistant will not only streamline the buying process but also elevate overall customer experience. We believe that this will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of retail tech, providing a unique and tailored experience for every Tira customer.”

-Anand Thakur, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Reliance Retail

At Jio Haptik, AI has helped us reimagine customer experience for over a decade. Whether it’s building the first end-to-end commerce experience on WhatsApp, facilitating food delivery for railway passengers via WhatsApp, or powering omnichannel customer engagement at enterprise scale - AI has been at the heart of everything we’ve built. The emergence of large language models (LLMs) like Generative AI has allowed us to expand our horizons even further.

Our Co-founder & CEO, Aakrit Vaish, said: “We’re delighted to collaborate with Tira in building a full-fledged Generative AI-powered conversational assistant. It offers a truly immersive shopping experience where customers can receive human-like sales guidance by interacting with Tira Virtual BFF. Powered by Gen AI, it eliminates any scope for ambiguity during purchase, and helps resolve a wide range of queries. It allows brands like Tira to foster strong brand-customer relationships and streamline the end-to-end customer experience.”

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