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Great Conversations Make Happy Customers


Customers have a greater number of choices today - more complex choices, channels, & even touchpoints. We understand how hard it can be to meet customer expectations. That’s why we built Conversational AI Solutions for your industry to help customers find the right information at the right time through a channel of their choice.

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Holistic Customer Experience Suite

Cater to all your business and customer needs from one single platform optimized at every stage of your Conversational AI journey to drive exponential value in minimum time.

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Best-in-class NLU

Haptik’s proprietary NLU leads the industry with the most human-like conversational experience for your customers. Its tailormade industry-specific NLP, Machine & Deep Learning models ensure maximum accuracy as compared to other NLU engines and reduce bot fails.

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AI-driven Analytics

Uncover business insights by tapping into real-time conversation data with Smart Funnels, AI recommendations,  CSAT & NPS.

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Out-of-the-box Channels & Integrations

Drive personalized & consistent conversations across channels that your customers use every day. Use powerful out-of-the-box integrations to unify all your customer experience tools together & provide elevated customer experience end-to-end.


Why Customers Win With Haptik?

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships & Scale

Haptik is a part of the Jio, Google & Facebook ecosystem & partners strategically with WhatsApp and MyGov India to deliver reliable scalability & performance that brands like yours trust.


Dedicated Customer Success

Enhance your Conversational AI strategy from Day 1 with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who understands your business goals & objectives and aligns your bot to meet such needs.

Enterprise Ready


Haptik enables Enterprise-grade architecture with 200k CCU and 99.9% uptime. Its compliance with GDPR and ISO: 27001 ensures the highest security practices in place for your brand.

Your Success is Our Success

While your brand reaps the direct benefits of Customer Experience driven Conversational AI, we solve your business problems to make sure that you have everything you need to achieve maximum ROI and grow faster than ever.