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Drawing upon our experience and expertise in the Conversational AI space, Haptik presents a series of webinars aimed at highlighting how Conversational AI benefits enterprises across industries, as well as the current and future outlook of Conversational AI.

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Conversational Commerce, AI, Omnichannel. All big buzz words from now, but how, as agencies and tech partners, can we help clients and, most importantly, make money.
Learn how Multilingual chatbots can help brands provide a hyper-personalized customer experience.
In this session, we discussed how global brands have transformed customer experience with social messaging chatbots.
The customer of today demands a smooth support experience and a hyper-personalized shopping experience. Tune in to learn how global brands are reimagining Omnichannel CX with Messaging
Hear experts from Google, Tata Mutual Fund, and as they discuss the future of CX with Google Business Messages.
In this webinar, we discuss everything you want to learn about the MyGov Corona Helpdesk
Tune in to learn what WhatsApp Commerce means for telcos and how you can leverage WhatsApp Commerce to boost your business.
Watch this session to learn how Conversational AI on WhatsApp is opening doors for Philippines brands to connect seamlessly with their customers.
Watch this session to learn how Conversational AI on WhatsApp is opening doors for Singapore brands to connect seamlessly with their customers.
Watch this session to learn how Conversational AI on WhatsApp is opening doors for Malaysian brands to connect seamlessly with their customers.
In this webinar, we talked about how Haptik's ultimate conversational commerce solution for WhatsApp is poised to unlock unprecedented growth for your brand.
Tune in for great insights on how companies are leveraging WhatsApp to enhance business communication.
In this webinar, we discussed how the new policy impacts end-users and businesses on WhatsApp.
In this webinar, Pooja Modi and Nameer Khan discusse how WhatsApp is assisting JioMart.
In this session, we discussed how Insurance brands can boost revenue and transform CX with WhatsApp Commerce.
Watch the Fireside Chat to gain insights from the Customer Experience Evangelist, Chris Lipman as he talks about the future of Telecom, changing customer behavior, and the role Conversational AI plays in delivering delightful user experiences at StarHub.
Watch the Fireside Chat with Nirmal Jain, Founder & Chairman, IIFL Group on Digital Transformation in Financial Services to learn how IIFL is accelerating the digital transformation to build resilience and meet their customer's needs.
Watch this on-demand Founders Roundtable to hear some of India’s leading consumer tech founders talk about how they have used technology to innovate during COVID-19, and converted a crisis into an opportunity.
Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about cutting-edge technologies like contactless shopping and conversational commerce that are shaping the retail experience of the future.
Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about upcoming trends in commerce, how WhatsApp Pay will shape the future of consumer behavior in India, and get actionable insights on how to get started with WhatsApp Enterprise Commerce.
Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how your business can automate customer care, improve customer experience and reduce operating costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, by leveraging Conversational AI solutions that can be deployed in less than 7 days.
Haptik has introduced the Intelligence Satisfaction Score (ISAT) - an industry-first framework for measuring the effectiveness of Intelligent Virtual Assistants. Watch the on-demand webinar how a deep-dive into ISAT and how it can help brands.
Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how you can transform your brand's customer support experience over WhatsApp.
The retail sector stands at the threshold of yet another digital disruption, with the rapid growth of conversational commerce. Watch this webinar to learn how retailers are leveraging conversational commerce.
This interactive webinar by Haptik’s Business Head, Kartik Poddar, will help you understand the best Conversational AI use case for your business and more.
Kartik Poddar, Haptik’s Business Head, hosts a panel discussion, with representatives of leading E-Commerce companies - Goibibo, Grofers, and Oyo Rooms - sharing their insights on Conversational AI and its implementation in their respective firms.