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Introducing WhatsApp Business Pro - Haptik's Commerce Engine for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Commerce has been the engine behind the growth of many small and large-scale companies. It has evolved into a full-blown channel that brands are leveraging to sell and transact with their customers, emerging as the most efficient channel to buy and sell digitally. You are leaving serious money on the table if you're not unleashing the true potential of WhatsApp Business API. (It is home to 2 billion+ active users, across the world!)

24 Jun 21

Whatsapp Chatbot

What are the Features of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has transformed the way brands communicate with customers.The Customer Care and Commerce solutions offered by WhatsApp provide tremendous scope for brands to create engaging and meaningful conversations with their customers. In this blog, we understand the features of WhatsApp Business and how it can transform your CX.

11 Mar 21

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Why your eCommerce brand needs a WhatsApp eCommerce Chatbot

If there’s one industry that can fully unleash the power of WhatsApp chatbot, that’s eCommerce! WhatsApp has been a channel that’s being leveraged by brands across different industries as a commerce, support, engagement tool.

23 Feb 21