Haptik Joins Hands with Innominds to Power Digital Next Initiatives


COVID-19 has been the biggest driver of Digital Transformation and has cut digital acceleration timelines from 2 years to 2 months. 

Businesses today are racing to embrace a remote-first strategy leveraging Conversational AI, intelligent automation, virtual assistants, and contactless solutions. 

To further fuel this disruptive innovation and help businesses stride ahead in their digital transformation journey, Haptik has partnered with Innominds, a Silicon Valley-based specialist provider of AI-led digital transformation and software product engineering services for global enterprises and software product companies.

The partnership aims to help businesses scale up conversational AI adoption to enhance customer experiences and build the foundation for a future of contactless systems and seamless self-service transactions and processes. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses saw a huge surge in customer support queries, resulting in the accelerated adoption of Intelligent Virtual Assistants to augment support and manage hundreds of thousands of queries daily.

Even regulated industries and sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, and Healthcare have been increasingly leveraging conversational AI solutions and analytics to automate routine queries such as loan approval processes, claims management, and policy-related requests, patient interfacing queries, thereby reducing dependency on contact centers and freeing up support agents to focus on high-value customer requests. 

We asked Sairam Vedam, Chief Marketing Officer, Innominds to tell us more about the partnership, and here’s what he shared,  “We are excited to have Haptik as our partner. Our mission to engineer a digital future gets strengthened with this partnership.  

We will be in a position to enable enterprises to embrace Conversational AI on a larger scale to not only ride out the pandemic situation but also prepare for the future of AI-augmented human intelligence.

We chose the award-winning Haptik platform for its superior technology, enterprise-grade architecture, the ability to scale to millions of conversations, and yet offer a simple and secure solution for customers across industries. As companies race to embrace fully contactless solutions which are an important pillar of our remote-first strategy, this partnership becomes a force multiplier for us to gives Innominds the opportunity to extend our AI-engineering services and offerings to all our global customers.”

At Haptik, we’re proud to be associated with Innominds and speaking on the occasion, our CEO & Co-Founder Aakrit Vaish said, “We strongly believe that this partnership will enable us to take our platform deeper into global enterprises that are looking for a cutting edge Conversational AI solutions for increased operational efficiency and to deliver superior customer experiences.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic is making more and more businesses and their employees become digital-first, this partnership is set to enable a remote-first and contactless business ecosystem using Conversational AI.



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