Brands Use Haptik’s COVID-19 AI Template to Handle Customer care

COVID-19 AI Template

Implementing a Conversational AI solution need not necessarily be a very long-drawn or complex process. If you have a predefined template handy to tackle certain common use cases, then it can be possible to get an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) up and running in a matter of a few days!

At Haptik, we’ve been designing and implementing Conversational AI solutions for over six years now. Over this time, we’ve built up a vast library of pre-built IVA templates for a wide range of use cases across verticals – which has helped us fulfill requests from our enterprise partners for swift implementations. And as the usage of these templates increases, the data makes these templates even smarter.

This has proved to be a highly successful approach for us, with a great example of its effectiveness being our implementation of the ‘Coronavirus Information’ module for a number of our partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CASE STUDY: Haptik’s COVID-19 AI Template

We first developed our ‘COVID-19 Helpdesk’ template during the early months of the coronavirus outbreak. This initial iteration of the Helpdesk was an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot that answered user queries about COVID-19, and served as a source of accurate and up-to-date information about the virus.

This COVID-19 Helpdesk template enabled us to build the MyGov Corona Helpdesk, the Govt. of India’s official COVID-19 awareness chatbot, within less than a week!

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Our Customer Success Team, while analyzing conversations on our partner’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solutions, discovered a significant increase in user queries related to COVID-19. This indicated that there was a clear need for our enterprise partners to implement their own versions of the COVID-19 Helpdesk solution. And given the pressing need to reassure customers during the pandemic by resolving these queries, they needed to implement this solution on an urgent basis. 

COVID-19 Template

Haptik’s COVID-19 Helpdesk Template

This was where our pre-built template for the COVID-19 Helpdesk proved to be extremely effective, allowing us to incorporate the Helpdesk into our partners’ IVA solutions at a fairly rapid pace.

Bringing the COVID-19 Helpdesk Template to Enterprises

There were broadly two requirements that the COVID-19 Helpdesk needed to fulfill:

   1. Raising awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic in general, and answering questions about symptoms, transmission, health & safety tips etc.

   2. Answering COVID-19 queries specific to the context of the business and its products/services.


The first requirement was already fulfilled by our prebuilt COVID-19 Helpdesk template, which answered queries such as:

1. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

2. How does Coronavirus spread?

3. How to reduce the risk of coronavirus?

4. Travel Advisory


To fulfill the second requirement, our team needed to design some additional conversational flows to address the queries specific to the products/services, or operations, of the partner. A user-first approach was taken while designing conversational flows to address these queries. Our goal was to add value to the customer, in terms of either useful information about the pandemic, or information about the products/services they would be able to access to help them during this challenging time.

Implementing the Helpdesk Across Verticals

Case # 1: Healthcare

Pre-built template

Dr. Lal PathLabs, was receiving a lot of general queries around COVID-19 and its symptoms, as well as more specific queries such as Do I need a doctor’s prescription for COVID-19 test? and Price of COVID-19 test.

We were able to swiftly add a ‘Coronavirus Information’ module to the Dr. Lal PathLabs’ IVA using our pre-built template. The existing flows within the template tackled the general queries, and we designed flows to address the specific queries our partner received around COVID-19 testing.

Coronavirus Information


Following this implementation, it was observed that the top COVID-19 related queries users asked the IVA were symptoms of COVID-19 (a general query) and the need for a doctor’s prescription for a COVID-19 test (a more specific query).

The addition of the Coronavirus Information module increased the automation levels on the IVA, as these COVID-19 related FAQs were now seamlessly resolved by the assistant end-to-end, rather than requiring intervention by a human agent.

Discussing the implementation, Shishir Shukla, AGM-Digital at Dr. Lal PathLabs said, “Following the coronavirus outbreak, we saw a massive surge in queries around COVID-19 on our virtual assistant. Haptik’s analytics platform brought this to our attention, and within a few days, their team added the Coronavirus Information template to the assistant, which addressed our customers’ general queries about the pandemic, as well as specific queries regarding COVID-19 testing. Since they already had a template in place, the implementation was done very swiftly”.

Case # 2: Financial Services

Financial Services

IIFL wanted to implement a solution similar to the MyGov Corona Helpdesk, in order to raise awareness about COVID-19 among their customers.

We were able to swiftly incorporate the COVID-19 Helpdesk template into our existing IVA solution for IIFL. The pre-built flows addressed the common COVID-19 queries, and we incorporated one additional industry-specific QR (quick-reply) option in the conversational flow – Check Financial Health – which redirected users to a webpage where they can check their financial/CIBIL report.


AI in finance

Following the implementation, it was observed that the majority of COVID-19 related user queries were around COVID-19 symptoms and preventive measures (general queries) as well as the more industry-specific Check Financial Health option.

With the IVA now equipped to answer general and partner-specific COVID-19 queries, there was a significant enhancement in the rate of task completion.

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Case # 3: Travel & Hospitality

pre-built template

Club Mahindra needed a solution that would address their members’ queries about COVID-19 and how it would impact their travel plans. Travel & Hospitality is a sector that was among the most heavily impacted by the pandemic, necessitating a speedy implementation of the solution. 

We swiftly implemented the COVID-19 Information module on Club Mahindra’s IVA. The pre-built flows addressed general COVID-19 queries, and we also added a partner-specific task, Updates for Members which redirected members to a page where they could access regular COVID-19 related updates.

In addition, we built conversational flows to address queries such as:

  • What happens if I cancel my booking?
  • Will my holiday lapse?
Travel Advisory

Following the implementation, members largely selected the Travel Advisory and Updates for Members tasks, while also enquiring about the club’s Lapse and Cancellation Policy in the wake of the pandemic.

With the IVA now equipped to answer general and partner-specific COVID-19 queries, there was a significant enhancement in the rate of task completion.

Swift Implementations Through Flexible Integrations

The implementations we’ve discussed are a great example of how pre-built AI templates, as well as access to the right IVA platform, enables enterprises to put together an IVA solution in just a few days.



In addition to the predefined templates, another factor which aids in the swift implementation of our IVAs is our out-of-the-box integrations. This enables us to swiftly integrate API’s, integrate our solution with our partner’s CRM and Live Chat platforms, and enable omnichannel integration with a wide range of digital platforms and channels.

Using pre-built templates, our team was able to implement COVID-19 Helpdesk modules for our partners in under a week. In cases where no complex API integrations were required, we were able to do this in as little as 48 hours!

This focus on pre-built templates has served us well at Haptik, enabling us to massively scale up our IVA development efforts, and even empower our partners to build their own solutions using our platform. 

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