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How to Effectively Automate Insurance Claims with Chatbots

Like all other businesses, insurance companies are looking at digital transformation as a critical factor for survival and growth in times to come. Customer experience through personalization and automation is the outward manifestation of this transformation.

21 Dec 20

Industry Viewpoint, Insurance Chatbot

How Conversational AI Enhances the Insurance Customer’s Journey

The tremendous benefits of Conversational AI implementation in the insurance sector are already becoming evident. Using AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), leading insurance brands have been able to overhaul their customer care by automating the end-to-end resolution

14 Jul 20

Industry Viewpoint, Insurance Chatbot

Conversational AI in Insurance: A Glimpse of the Future

Conversational AI has already started to disrupt the insurance sector. AI-powered insurance chatbots and virtual assistants have made the customer care experience a lot more seamless – instantly resolving routine queries end-to-end, automating the claims filing process, and more.

13 Jul 20