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WhatsApp Commerce has been the engine behind the growth of many small and large-scale companies. It has evolved into a full-blown channel that brands are leveraging to sell and transact with their customers, emerging as the most efficient channel to buy and sell digitally. You are leaving serious money on the table if you're not unleashing the true potential of WhatsApp Business API. (It is home to 2 billion+ active users, across the world!)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WhatsApp is the ONLY channel that a few brands leverage to connect with their customers. WhatsApp and Haptik are constantly tackling one question: How can we improve the commerce experience on WhatsApp?

Haptik's WhatsApp Chatbot solution has undergone major changes and we see a potential to create a formidable WhatsApp offering. This idea has given birth to WhatsApp Business Pro - Haptik’s Ultimate Conversational Commerce Solution for WhatsApp! We have built powerful integrations to streamline the shopping experience on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Business Pro is designed to cover the entire shopping journey of customers. We are confident that the convenience of shopping with WhatsApp Business Pro is an experience that your customers will be delighted with.


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Features of WhatsApp Business Pro

1. Easy payment  in two clicks (Our personal favorite!)

The frictionless experience of digital payments has accelerated the adoption of cashless transactions. Right from retail outlets in malls to local Kirana shops, the UPI code scanner sits comfortably at the cash counter of every shop. As your customers have grown accustomed to digital payments, their expectations and demands have increased rapidly. This is where our 2-click payment experience helps. WhatsApp Business Pro will allow your customers to make direct payments from WhatsApp while they are on the purchase journey. The best part? They don’t have to navigate between multiple apps. You can also use notifications as payment reminders and ensure a frictionless payment collection process.




2.  AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Imagine this: The salesperson in your store is trained to judge the intent of the visitor and recommends products based on intent and their past visit behavior. Well, we’ve made this a reality. Haptik’s AI-powered recommendation engine increases upsell and cross-sell opportunities by contextually suggesting products your user needs based on their intent and past behavior.  Haptik’s Recommendation Engine automatically matches user requirements with your product catalogs, description, customer reviews, and other data to help you convert passive visitors into engaged buyers.


To make it easier for brands to have conversations with their customers, WhatsApp has introduced two new interactive elements for the Business API: List Messages and Quick Reply buttons.

At Haptik, we have been a part of the beta release of these feature updates and have implemented them for Reliance Jio for their Telecom and Jio Mart WhatsApp Chatbots. Read more about it here.

3. Discovery and Easy Opt-In

WhatsApp requires a brand to get an opt-in from a user before it can start engaging with him/her i.e. the user needs to consent to start a conversation with your business. Businesses can include a deep link, banners, or a contact form on their website which can be used to submit details. It can also be done by deflecting IVR calls to WhatsApp. This can be done simply by including an option in the IVR message which says “Would you like to continue this conversation over WhatsApp?”

With WhatsApp Business Pro, we’re introducing “Missed Call” as another opt-in option. A user can simply give a missed call to your virtual number to get started! 





As WhatsApp commerce takes the center stage in the eCommerce journey of India, WhatsApp Business Pro will play an extremely important role in shaping the future of Conversational Commerce. We’re organizing a webinar today where we discuss:

👉 Enhancing UX with WhatsApp's new UI elements

👉 Driving Discovery and Adoption on WhatsApp 

👉 Creating an end-to-end buyer journey including Payments on WhatsApp

👉Powering hyper-personalized recommendations to boost conversions 


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