Top 5 ChatGPT Prompts for WhatsApp


AI chatbots have been around for decades, with 1966 being the year when the first-ever chatbot was created. Named ‘ELIZA’, it allowed machines and humans to have simple back-and-forth conversations. Designed based on the principles of Rogerian psychotherapy, ELIZA was capable of responding to human speech inputs with relevant responses. For example, if someone gave a speech input that they were happy, the machine would respond: “Why do you feel happy?”, and so on. 

Chatbots have continued to evolve in the years that followed, packing advanced features such as natural language generation, ML algorithms, contextual awareness, and more.

ChatGPT is among the new generation of AI chatbots capable of interpreting spoken language and offering a natural, human-like response. It uses GPT’s (short for generative pretrained transformer) language model to engage with humans in a conversational way.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

In simple terms, ChatGPT prompts are instructions that users provide as inputs to drive accurate and contextual responses. The prompt can be a statement, a question, or any other input that can generate creative ideas, start a conversation, or share one’s thoughts. 

Prompts can be open-ended and can help users from different domains (marketing, sales, customer service, and others) generate accurate and contextual information. For example, a marketer might want to generate SEO content ideas, article topics, or an email template - all of which (and more) are possible with the right ChatGPT prompts. Likewise, sales professionals, product managers, and people in other job functions can use prompts to get the desired output to improve their efficiency, productivity and, importantly, drive tangible results.

Let’s look at how ChatGPT prompts can help brands drive sales and promotions as part of their WhatsApp marketing strategy. WhatsApp is a powerful marketing and sales channel for brands that want to expand their reach, drive more conversions, increase revenue, and drive retention. The key is to reach the right customers at the right time in their purchase journey and with the right message to achieve marketing and business success.

Prompt: You are a marketing manager with [brand name], which sells winter clothes at a discounted price. I want to sell [brand name]'s products to customers who're looking to buy winter outfits such as gloves, scarves, coats, and others. Write a WhatsApp message promoting [brand name]'s products and driving inquiries and orders.

Let’s say you’re a marketer at an eCommerce brand that sells winter clothes at a discounted price. You’re leveraging WhatsApp to engage with your target customers and drive the buying journey.

The above prompt will help you create the message with a promotional tone and convince buyers to take the desired action, which is to make product inquiries and submit details confirming their purchase interest.


Prompt: You are a CRO at [brand name] faced with the challenge of reasonably high cart abandonment rates. Write a cart abandonment message to engage buyers on WhatsApp, nudging them to return to their carts and proceed to checkout. Make the tone casual and incentive-driven.

Cart abandonment is a major business challenge for retail brands and eCommerce store owners. According to data, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 70%. 

Proactive, GPT-powered WhatsApp notifications can be an effective solution to reduce cart abandonment rate. With a suitable ChatGPT prompt, you can generate a cart abandonment reminder and proactively reach out to customers to drive the checkout and purchase on WhatsApp. 

The above prompt helps generate a template for a proactive notification reminding the buyer about items on their cart. In addition, you can mention the offers that can be availed by completing the purchase.


Prompt: You are a performance marketer at [brand name], a fast-growing grocery store that wants to increase its average order value. Write a promotional message for WhatsApp to offer contextual product recommendations that grab customers’ attention and increase product uptake.

Grocery stores and retailers can maximize their conversions and revenue by leveraging WhatsApp as their main customer engagement channel. One way to engage customers and trigger buying interest is through product catalogs that showcase recommended products. Brands can use this feature to even drive upsells and cross-sells to boost their average order value (AOV).

The aforementioned prompt creates the right messaging to review the product suggestions that take them further in their purchase journey. 


Prompt: You’re a customer experience manager at [brand name] looking to improve the post-purchase support for customers. The goal is to alert them in a timely fashion and offer peace of mind. Write a WhatsApp notification informing them about their order and delivery details and appreciating their purchase from [brand name].

The next step in the customer journey is sending timely order and delivery information to offer peace of mind to buyers. While order and delivery updates put buyers at ease and inform them of expected delivery, retailers should include details of the diligence being carried out in the packaging, dispatching and delivery of the purchased products.

The above prompt creates a detailed message informing the buyer about all the essential information, and more.


Prompt: You’re a growth manager at [brand name], which sells organic products that are rarely available at smaller stores. The goal is to retain customers who've purchased from [brand name] and drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty. Write a WhatsApp message that helps achieve these three goals.

It might appear an age-old saying, but acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing customers. Also, with better customer retention comes higher repeat purchase rate, greater loyalty, and brand advocacy. It’s also said that existing customers are likely to spend more on a product compared to a first-time customer.

This prompt helps write a customer-centric WhatsApp notification that conveys how much the brand values its customers and rewards them generously too, with discounts, incentives, and more.



Prompts help users in seamlessly interacting with the application and guiding its responses. Marketers, CXOs, product managers, and professionals across business functions can use prompts to gather creative ideas and expedite their day-to-day processes while focusing on more complex tasks with a higher ROI potential.


Haptik’s proprietary GPT feature, Bot Response Generator, helps generate high-quality, contextual responses for a variety of use cases, speaking to the customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. Combining intelligent bot responses with WhatsApp leads to better goal completion and superior business outcomes for brands across industries.