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Upgrade your Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Here’s why the world’s most innovative brands are shifting to the Conversational Economy.



IVA: More than just a Chatbot or Voicebot

Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) are built to understand industry and domain-specific context, solving specific problems end to end with the objective of improving CSAT & NPS.



Industry-specific AI

Haptik’s natural language engine leverages the power of more than 3 billion interactions to enable custom industry-specific AI models ensuring a truly intelligent and frictionless user experience.


Enterprise Smart Skills

Ready to go with pre-trained use cases, Haptik’s library of hundreds of modular Smart Skills ensures not only the fastest time to market but also deep, engaging conversations, superior CX, and business conversions.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Real-time reporting of how users interact with your IVA and what's limiting their experience, enabling continuously supervised and unsupervised improvement of the virtual assistant.

Conversational AI Built for Scale

Build on top of Haptik’s Plug and Play Conversational AI platform, select ready to deploy Smart Skills best suited for your industry vertical, integrate with your existing CRM systems, and drive higher business outcomes


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Driving ROI at every stage of the customer journey

With over 7 years of experience in AI, we know what it takes to build impactful conversational experiences. We’ve helped businesses globally drive exciting results and grow exponentially in their digital transformation journey.



In annual savings, along with reduced wait times of 6.2 seconds for the 3rd largest telecom operator in the world.

Days is all it took to build the world's largest WhatsApp Chatbot!


Accuracy rate for Singapore’s largest telco provider with additional cost savings with IVR deflection.

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