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Introducing Buzzo - an AI-driven Voice Assistant to transform your digital shopping experience

Everything you need to know about how Haptik owned Buzzo is enabling eCommerce brands to drive engagement and conversions with AI-powered voice assistance.

26 Feb 21

Whatsapp Chatbot, Ecommerce Chatbot

Why your eCommerce brand needs a WhatsApp eCommerce Chatbot

If there’s one industry that can fully unleash the power of WhatsApp chatbot, that’s eCommerce! WhatsApp has been a channel that’s being leveraged by brands across different industries as a commerce, support, engagement tool.

23 Feb 21

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3 Virtual Assistant Trends for Retail and eCommerce Brands

There has been an exponential growth in the use of Conversational AI in the retail industry. Global retailers and eCommerce players have realized the power of Messaging to enhance CX, drive revenue and reduce costs.

18 Nov 20