Conversational AI for better CX within the Insurance Industry

When it comes to insurance, customers can't leave anything to chance. They demand detailed information from the insurance carriers and expert guidance when evaluating plans and policies, plus support when making inquiries or filing insurance claims — cue Haptik's Insurance AI Chatbot.

Ready-to-use Smart Skills


People often perceive insurance as a complex maze of quotes, policy options, terms and conditions, and claims processes. There is a sense of complexity and opacity around insurance; they are often unsure what they're buying and its specific benefits.

Haptik Smart Skills are pre-defined processes that take clients through common business problems & questions like filing a claim or getting a quote.

Industry rich AI and natural language understanding (NLU) pre-built skills, crafted by Conversation Designers, solve not only your critical business problems but also help reduce the time-to-market.

Pre-identified live agent handover with custom insurance-specific integrations with leading CRM platforms and tools.
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Insurance has Changed
from a Product that is Sold to a Product that is Bought


An insurance chatbot is available to handhold insurance customers every step of the way. It can then offer personalized policy recommendations, help them compare two or more plans, and help them get a clearer understanding of policy options by answering any follow-up questions. In fact, 80% or more of inbound queries received by insurance chatbots are routine queries or FAQs. An insurance chatbot can seamlessly resolve these queries end-to-end while redirecting the remaining 20% of complex questions to human agents.

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Lead Generation

Customers can ask an insurance chatbot any query using the words or phrasing of their choice – the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities of the assistant ensures that it understands the customer’s query perfectly and instantly

It enables prospective customers to explore the complex web of technical terms, rates, terms & conditions, and other crucial information in a seamless conversational manner.

AI chatbots inquire visitors with intelligent prompts, keep them engaged by answering their queries and offering relevant information.

With a virtual assistant, the prospective customer can simply provide their details over the course of a conversation, rather than having to fill up a long, static lead form.


Customer Care

An insurance chatbot significantly reduces customer support costs since a single chatbot can handle the call volume of queries that would otherwise require an extensive customer care staff.

It is swifter, easier, and more cost-effective for an insurance brand to scale up its customer support capacity using an insurance AI chatbot rather than hiring, training, and retaining more significant numbers of human agents.

Simplifying Claims Process - Instead of constantly following up on the claim with a customer care representative, the customer can instead tell the chatbot the nature of the claim. 

Conversational Commerce

Haptik helps you implement a 24/7 AI-driven recommendation engine for insurance products that serves as your users' personal shopping expert. The result?

Greater engagement across every stage of the buyer's journey while improving add-to-carts, maximizing digital sales, and an ever-increasing base of loyal customers.

With an AI-powered recommendation engine in place, a virtual assistant can engage the customer in a conversation about their insurance needs, build a profile based on their responses, and make personalized policy recommendations.


Intelligent Analytics

Insurance firms can understand user behavior by analyzing the most frequently asked questions, reasons behind user drop-offs, which product or service gets more attention, trending user queries, and more with

Message & Skill analysis to deep-dive and analyze critical customer conversations at scale

User feedback to understand what your users really feel about interacting with your virtual assistant and discover improvement opportunities.

With powerful and actionable insights, businesses can improve automation, reduce costs and drive top-line business growth.

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Power the Entire Customer Journey with a Digital Assistant
From Acquisition to Support

Drive more insurance policy sign-ups and save up to 60% in customer support costs through
Conversational AI, Intelligent Virtual Assistance & Interactive Voice Response.

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we can launch your organization into the Conversational AI revolution.