How to Increase Repeat Purchase Rate on WhatsApp for B2C Brands


In today's competitive business landscape, acquiring new customers can be costly. Surprisingly, studies reveal that acquiring new customers can cost five times more than nurturing existing ones. With this in mind, futuristic companies are prioritizing increasing repeat purchase rates as a key driver of long-term growth. By proactively engaging with prospects and customers on WhatsApp, brands can enhance customer experience and drive growth.  

Repeat purchase rate is a vital metric that measures the percentage of customers who return to make purchases from your brand. This metric is a critical indicator of customer loyalty and directly impacts your bottom line. 

By nurturing and retaining existing buyers, 

  • Brands can save valuable time and resources in the long run. 
  • The ripple effect of positive word-of-mouth generated by satisfied repeat customers can amplify your business reach and significantly bolster sales.

In this blog, we'll explore how B2C brands can fine-tune their strategies to boost repeat purchase rates on WhatsApp and unearth the art of cultivating customer loyalty and unlocking the untapped potential of repeat purchases on WhatsApp. 

5 Strategies to Boost Repeat Purchase Rates for B2C Brands Using WhatsApp

  1. Seamless Onboarding Experience 
  2. Customer Segmentation to Study Their Behavior & Preferences
  3. Personalized Messaging Using WhatsApp
  4. Engage with Offers & Loyalty Programs
  5. Encourage Customer Feedback and Act On It 

5 Strategies to Boost Repeat Purchase Rates for B2C Brands Using WhatsApp

In today's competitive B2C landscape, fostering customer loyalty and maximizing repeat purchases are vital for sustainable business growth. With the widespread popularity of messaging apps, leveraging WhatsApp can be a game-changer. Here are the 5 strategies to harness WhatsApp's potential and enhance repeat purchase rates for B2C brands.

#1 Seamless Onboarding Experience 

First impressions matter! A smooth onboarding experience is essential for turning first-time buyers into loyal customers on WhatsApp. To achieve this, simplify the initial setup with user-friendly instructions and a quick registration process. Incorporate a strong call-to-action that encourages users to save your business number or scan a QR code for easy access. However, driving brand visibility and discovery on WhatsApp is crucial. 

Employ strategies like paid media campaigns, promoting user opt-ins, and utilizing offline entry points like QR codes, links, etc. Continuously analyze and optimize your efforts to achieve your goals. 

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#2 Customer Segmentation to Study Their Behavior & Preferences

Unraveling the intricacies of your customers' preferences is paramount to crafting targeted marketing strategies and curating bespoke experiences on WhatsApp. Haptik's intelligent analytics enables customer segmentation to study behavior and preferences. Gain deep insights into user interactions, track completion rates, identify drop-off points, and optimize customer experience. Enhance training data, identify bot breaks, and evaluate growth areas. 

Segment your customer base based on demographics, purchase history, preferences, or engagement levels. Analyze the data to identify patterns, preferences, and pain points. This valuable information allows you to tailor messaging, offers, and recommendations to specific customer segments, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Leveraging WhatsApp's Business API, seamlessly integrate with CRM tools for efficient segmentation and analysis. 

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#3 Personalized Messaging Using WhatsApp

how to increase repeat sales on WhatsApp - Personalized proactive Messaging

Don't wait for customers to reach out - take advantage of WhatsApp's incredible open and click-through rates to engage users when their intent to buy is high. With an average user checking WhatsApp 23 times a day, proactive messages can be hyper-personalized with contextual communication that resonates with the user. 

Trigger real-time notifications to build customer recall, influence buying decisions, and share timely information. B2C brands can set up one-time or recurring bulk campaigns to expand their reach and enhance customer engagement. Keep customers informed about orders, payments, and shipping updates through periodic updates. 

Additionally, use proactive messages to re-engage customers by sharing Utility-based messages and marketing conversations to share new discounts, offers, back-in-stock alerts, and pending cart reminders. Proactive messaging on WhatsApp is a powerful tool to recover abandoned carts and boost conversion rates. 

#4 Engage with Offers & Loyalty Programs


how to increase repeat sales on WhatsApp - Offers & Loyalty Programs

Rewarding customer loyalty is a powerful motivator. To enhance repeat purchase rates, actively engage customers with your offers and loyalty programs on WhatsApp. Provide clear and concise information about ongoing promotions, discounts, limited-time offers, early access to promotions, or points-based systems that customers can accumulate and redeem. By providing tangible incentives, you encourage customers to continue purchasing from your brand, while also nurturing a sense of exclusivity and belonging.

Use eye-catching visuals, persuasive copy, and strong call-to-action to capture their attention and drive conversions. By consistently keeping your customers informed and engaged, you foster a stronger connection, driving them to make repeat purchases. 

#5 Encourage Customer Feedback and Act On It

How to increase repeat sales on WhatsApp - Encourage Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable for understanding satisfaction levels and improving your offerings. Use WhatsApp to solicit feedback, whether through surveys, polls, or direct messages. Make customers feel heard and valued by responding promptly and addressing their concerns or suggestions. 

Actively use the feedback to make relevant improvements, and communicate these changes to customers. This proactive approach demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases as customers perceive their voices being heard and acted upon. 

Ending Note 

To improve customer retention and increase the repeat purchase rate, it's vital to focus on delivering valuable and genuine experiences throughout the customer journey. Neglecting the post-purchase experience can hinder your marketing efforts. Therefore, prioritize impeccable customer support at all times. Monitor customer retention metrics and implement the strategies discussed in this post to drive repeat purchases. 

Leverage the potential of WhatsApp and harness the power of personalized communication to foster customer loyalty. By providing exceptional support, you can build stronger relationships and encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Embrace WhatsApp as a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal and unlock the full potential of personalized communication to boost customer retention and drive business growth.

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