Deliver Exceptional Fintech Customer Experiences 24*7 with Conversational AI

Haptik is the perfect platform to build Fintech chatbots for your business.
With Haptik, you can provide all your services on the channels your customers utilize, including lending services, digital currencies, e-wallets, and personal finance.

Fintech Smart Skills

Build your Fintech chatbot in no time 

We've helped Fintech brands build chatbots to solve numerous customer use-cases. Our extensive industry expertise has created a library of pre-built conversational workflows to help develop your Fintech bot quickly.

These "Smart Skills" enable your organization to go live in just a few weeks. Some popular use-cases are:

  • Verify account and Know Your Customer (KYC) - Let customers check, add, or update account and  KYC information in real-time

  • Get fund details and recommendations - Educate users about investment options, step-by-step trading process, finance tips & more

  • Book calls with a finance consultant - Collect required information from the user and connect them to the right agent based on needs

  • Invest or Withdraw funds - Allow customers to make transactions with their funds 

  • And lots more! 

Fintech Chatbot smatkills
Fintech Chatbot smatkills
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Fintech chatbots can assist your customers with their goals and drive growth at every stage

Lead Generation

Acquire more merchants and users in your funnel right from the time they discover your brand whether it’s through your website, app,  social media ads or google search. 

  • Use Click to Message Ads to start conversations about your Fintech services 

  • Answer their in-the-moment queries to share all the information they need 

  • Build personalized campaigns based on users financial goals and interests

  • Ensure enterprise-grade security for you and your customers

Lead Generation Fintech
Lead Generation Fintech

Conversational Commerce

Making financial decisions is never a one-step interaction. Let your customers answer simple questions that lead them to their financial goals and avail your services. 

  • Be readily available to your customers at the time of their monetary needs 

  • Educate your users about investment options, step-by-step trading guidance, finance tips,  recommendations & more

  • Provide 3-step instant payment options with your customer’s preferred modes of payment

Conversational Commerce2
Conversational Commerce2

Customer Care

Deliver exceptional customer service that impresses your customers and keeps them always satisfied. Automate your customer queries while reducing the person-hours spent on support with Haptik. 

  • Always available pre and post-sales support 
  • Faster response time and 90% customer satisfaction rates 
  • Plug and play integrations with your agent chat and ticketing tools 
Customer Care Fintech
Customer Care Fintech

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