How to Build a Chatbot for eCommerce

How to Build a Chatbot for eCommerce

What is an eCommerce Chatbot?

An eCommerce Chatbot is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. It is designed to transform the digital shopping experience for customers while increasing revenue and reducing costs for eCommerce businesses. With in-built NLU models, these chatbots enable eCommerce brands to convert visitors into paying customers and consistently provide 24/7 assistance to them.

According to research by Statista, it is observed that worldwide eCommerce sales amounted to $3.53 trillion in 2019, and the revenues are projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022. The numbers clearly forecast the future of eCommerce industries as online shopping has become one of the most popular internet activities these days.

An intelligent AI Chatbot is accelerating  eCommerce businesses growth by:

1) Driving omnichannel sales by giving relevant product recommendations, product information, etc.

2) Improving customer engagement throughout the customer journey with on-demand personalized support

3) Building brand loyalty and trust among the customers by improving overall shopping experience

Key Benefits of an eCommerce Chatbot

Online chat has emerged as a new channel to drive online sales and convert website visitors into customers. A recent study by Surveybot states that 67% of app users say that they would prefer to choose chat communication with businesses in the future. Also, 53% of respondents say they’re more likely to shop with a business that they can directly reach through messaging. 

Hence, forward-looking eCommerce brands are capturing this latest trend to drive their online sales and provide instant online support using AI-powered eCommerce Chatbots. Some of the key benefits of a eCommerce chatbots are:

1) Nurture Website Leads: When a prospective customer is browsing your businesses’s eCommerce website, that is where the lead generation process gets ignited. It means it’s time to nurture your lead. An eCommerce chatbot interacts with online shoppers in a personalized manner, and helps convert them into happy satisfied customers.

2) Provide 24/7 Support: In addition to nurturing qualified leads, eCommerce chatbots provide on-demand availability of website support which is the biggest perk for customer support teams. Being available round the clock and replying to your customers within seconds with all information ready at hand, really transforms the shopping experience for end-users.

3) Customer Retention: Customer retention is the process to turn customers into frequent buyers and prevent them from switching to a competitor. As a performance metric, it indicates whether your products and the quality of your service delights your existing customers. eCommerce chatbots help retain existing customers by delivering personalized services across all digital platforms to help provide a customer-first experience.

4) Improve ROI: An eCommerce chatbot also helps in improving the revenue rates, CSAT scores, NPS, and eventually, the customer experience curve. With improved customer experience, customer loyalty and customer lifetime value increases. This in turn improves the ROI for eCommerce businesses. 

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Prerequisites to consider before Building a AI Chatbot

In order to build a chatbot like this, eCommerce brands need to analyze and adopt the best bot building platform that enables automation for most of their business use cases. Not only this, the process of adoption and implementation should be cost effective and time saving too.

So before your plan to build a chatbot for your eCommerce business, here are some important checkpoints to consider before you start:

Where will the chatbot be located? E.g, website, application, etc

What other platforms can be connected to your eCommerce website which captures customer data? E.g, CRM, ticketing platform, etc.

What use-cases are you planning to automate using a chatbot? E.g, support queries, product recommendations, customer engagement, etc.

How will you measure the success of a chatbot?


5 Capabilities that an eCommerce Chatbot should have

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eCommerce Chatbots should help combine the ease and efficiency of eCommerce portals with personalized assistance that customers are likely to receive in a brick-and-mortar store. An Intelligent virtual assistant or chatbot can improve customer experience by:

1) Understanding the need and intent of users, their primary concerns, and preferences for products they are looking for.

2) Recommending the best product options that fit their needs and meet all specific requirements.

3) Convincing customers to opt for products that have the best reviews on the features/aspects customers are looking for.

4) Communicating with users about the buying process, offering the best discount options, assisting them while returns and refunds, and many more.

5) Personalizing the communication platform for customers leveraging eCommerce chatbots to accompany them in their buying journey, interact in the context of historical purchases and act as a  virtual guide while customers navigate through the products.


How to build eCommerce Chatbots with Smart Skills

Building a chatbot no longer requires coding skills. Anyone with the right tools, and knowledge can build a functional chatbot for their eCommerce website, if they have defined the problem they are trying to solve.

Haptik’s bot-building platform - Smart Skills, is built to cater to this need only. It is considered to be the simplest bot-building interface that does not require advanced coding skills or deep technical knowledge. Chatbots built using Smart Skills deliver desired output with minimal effort and training. This platform consists of a comprehensive library of 100+ ready-to-use, eCommerce-specific intelligent use cases for your business.

By building a chatbot using Smart Skills you can:

Significantly improve the development time of your chatbot

Add thoroughly researched user journeys with no code

Explore through a variety of predefined use cases that are ready to deploy.

In order to plan and structure an effective eCommerce chatbot, businesses need to proactively find the common challenges that are faced by customers and use the pre-built uses on the platform to deploy a chatbot.

Some of the common use cases in Smart Skills like get invoice, book a slot, check refund status, coupon issues, product feedback, return request, etc prove to be very helpful for eCommerce brands looking to automate their eCommerce customer journey. 

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Below is a small clip to demonstrate the bot-building process powered by Haptik’s Smart Skills.


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Explore More Use Cases of an eCommerce Chatbot automated by Smart Skills


What sets Haptik’s eCommerce Chatbots Apart?

Haptik’s Smart Skills has its own interface to guide you through a step-by-step plan to build an eCommerce chatbot the easiest way possible. Here are a few highlights about Haptik’s bot-building platform for eCommerce domain:


A vast library of pre-built smart conversational flows for 600+ pre-built intents.


Domain data derived from conversations for some of the world’s largest eCommerce brands.

Out-of-the-box coding environment which facilitates building powerful integrations into all leading CRM  and Live Chat systems, as well as ensuring an omnichannel presence across a wide range of digital        platforms and touchpoints.

Cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) built from the ground-up separately for Customer    Care and Commerce use cases.

Real-time Live Agent Chat to monitor AI Assistant performance and ensure ROI.

Live Agent Chat system to enable human agents to monitor AI Assistant conversations with customers,    and intervene whenever necessary.


Final Thoughts

Building an intelligent eCommerce chatbot with an advanced NLU algorithm strengthens both customer support and acquisition for eCommerce brands. An AI-powered chatbot solution for your eCommerce can give wings to the customer experience transformation initiative and improve overall ROI for your business. The first step to transform customer experience is to set clear goals based on the challenges the business is trying to solve and then finding a technological solution with the capabilities to deploy an eCommerce chatbot without the need to code. Leading brand strategists and experts predict a distinctive emergence of domain intelligent AI solutions in the eCommerce space that can convert the pain-points or limitations of the businesses today to their success stories tomorrow.

Haptik’s Smart Skills is a powerful, yet easy-to-use IVA building platform that will enable you to strategize your go-to-market goals faster, giving you complete control over elevating customer experience for your brand. We, at Haptik, are no longer teaching customers how to interact with systems, we are teaching the systems to interact with our customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Haptik’s intelligent eCommerce chatbots, reach out at

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