Improve Digital Healthcare Experiences with Conversational AI


Conversational AI is powering a new era in healthcare. From appointment scheduling and patient care to prescription management and therapy, conversational AI is making patient care more personalized, accessible and convenient. Healthcare brands leverage AI-powered chatbots to drive cost savings and improve the quality of providing healthcare.

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HIPAA Compliant

When it comes to user privacy and security, we go the extra mile. That’s why we have put in the hard work to become compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, USA) guidelines. 

  • Highest standards of security & privacy in the Healthcare domain
  • Ensure the protection of sensitive patient health information 
  • GDPR & ISO-27001, SOC2 are our other IT & cybersecurity standards

Build Industry Leading Healthcare Chatbots

Haptik’s library of pre-built conversation workflows help automate conversations between healthcare providers and patients. Also known as “Smart Skills”, our workflows are capable of intuitively managing multi-step and often complex patient communication and can be applied to healthcare use-cases like: 

  • Book Consultation: Schedule a medical consultation instantly
  • Find Nearby Test Center & Get Center Details: Locate the nearest test center and their contact details basis user location and input
  • Upload prescription: Help a patient upload one or multiple medical prescriptions instantly
Healthcare Chatbot
Healthcare Chatbot

Reach More Patients with Messaging

Messaging and conversational solutions can help reduce wait times and save costs for patients, while enabling healthcare providers to offer timely support.  

  • Multi-channel messaging via Facebook, Google Business Messages (GBM), Instagram and WhatsApp can help patients and care providers reach each other on-demand
  • Capture patient information with empathetic conversations instead of elaborate forms that might trigger instant drop-offs
  • Provide personalized experiences like diet & nutrition plans, fitness product recommendations & more at scale based on past interactions
Patient Messaging
Patient Messaging

Assist Patients at Scale

Conversational AI platforms help care providers gather valuable patient data at scale and derive insights that can then help improve patient experience and offer personalized care and support. 

Provide instant support to patients & their caregivers:

  • Use automation to manage high volumes of incoming patient queries 
  • Add the necessary human understanding and intuition with your healthcare experts
  • Capture patient satisfaction and feedback with CSAT & NPS to further improve their experience
Assist Patients
Assist Patients

Proactively Engage with Patients

Empower patients to take charge of their own health by proactively sharing healthcare tips and guiding them towards a better lifestyle. 

  • Use real-time notifications to remind patients about their prescriptions, medicines, and consultations
  • Schedule appointments and doctor consultations instantly with your patients
  • Re-engage with patients and keep them updated about the best healthcare practices
Proactive Engage
Proactive Engage
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