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Powerful out-of-the-box chatbot integrations to deliver exceptional experiences to your agents and customers leveraging existing software

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Out-of-box Integrations with Industry Leading Platforms 

Unlock the power of your existing business systems to deliver a unified CX via seamless AI-Agent handoff and streamlined ticketing


Deliver Truly Omnichannel Experiences

Customers today not only expect but demand a seamless, multi-channel, contextual brand experience. Empower your customers to engage with your business on any channel and any device they prefer, thereby driving higher customer satisfaction.

  • Natural and personalized two-way conversations.
  • Minimize customer effort and deliver efficient customer experiences.
  • Unified and consistent brand voice across all channels & devices.

Seamless AI to Agent Handoff

Give your customers the best of automation and agents. Eliminate customer frustration by giving them on-demand, self-serve, automated support, along with friction-free access to live agents whenever needed.  

  • Escalate conversations from AI to live agents in real-time, with full context and customer history.
  • Give your agents the power to perform better by working on their existing agent chat platform and systems - no new training required
  • Improve FRT, and drive higher CSAT & NPS.

360 Degree Customer View

By integrating with your systems of record, get a 360-degree customer view on a single interface, without toggling between systems, allowing your agents to spend less time searching and more time resolving customer issues.

  • Access variables such as the entire user history, chat transcripts, and customer data.
  • Deliver hyper-personal experiences.
  • Elevate customer engagement, retention, and LTV. 
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Automatically Sync Tickets Into Your CRM

Customer support tickets created on the Haptik IVA automatically get synced with your existing system. 

  • Link an existing ticket to the current conversation for better record-keeping.
  • Update fields in your tickets directly within Haptik's conversational flow.
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