Reports & Research-8


Reports & Research


Based on extensive research, we present a set of reports and research papers that highlight how chatbots benefit businesses across industries, along with the current and future state of the chatbot space. Download, read and share the knowledge!

This ebook shares learnings and guidelines on setting up your CX curve strategically and driving your success metrics at scale.
An ultimate guide from CxOs and industry veterans with a 5-step playbook on how to transform the Customer Experience landscape for businesses in 2021 and ahead.
This eBook will help you understand how WhatsApp Commerce is accelerating the growth of the retail industry.
This report will provide critical insights into the evolving priorities of the Fintech industry experts and influencers.
Learn how contact centers can leverage AI-driven IVR automation to elevate their customer experience.
Contemplating investing in a virtual assistant? This whitepaper enables you to evaluate the ROI of an IVA for your industry.
This guide will provide an overview of customer experience challenges faced by the insurance sector, and how Conversational AI addresses them.
Read success stories of how global brands across verticals have leveraged Conversational AI to address their customer experience challenges.
This research paper introduces 3 new datasets that can be used to benchmark NLP accuracy based on real user conversations.
This e-book on IVR deflection will serve as a guide to how businesses can leverage Conversational AI for IVR deflection and why it is needed.
This e-book will highlight how AI-powered virtual assistants equipped with Sentiment Analysis can aid businesses with service recovery, with a focus on four key use cases.
This playbook will serve as a comprehensive guide for financial services providers to get started with Conversational AI - highlighting the benefits of implementation, as well as the key features to look out for while evaluating AI Assistant solutions.
Here's a comprehensive guide for insurers to help Get started with Conversational AI and Understand the benefits of Conversational AI implementation through success stories of insurance brands using AI automation to reduce costs and drive lead generation.
Actionable insights to improve engagement, increase cart recovery, and drive sales across the customer journey.
Haptik introduces the Intelligence Satisfaction Score (ISAT) - an industry-first framework to measure the performance of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Read the whitepaper to learn all about ISAT and how it delivers actionable insights that truly transform your brand’s customer experience.
This white paper is a comprehensive guide to Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) - explaining what they are, how they differ from chatbots, and the advanced capabilities that make them valuable to brands
This white paper explores the costs and complexities involved in building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solution that comprehensively solves business problems.
Read the whitepaper to learn how Intelligent Virtual Assistants can use Disambiguation to clarify user intent, leading to clearer and more productive conversations, and enhancing overall customer experience.
This research paper examines the role that bot personality plays in influencing user experience with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants in an enterprise context.
A report that details how Indian enterprises have been using Haptik's chatbots and what it has done for their business.
A report on the state of chat bots today and what the future holds for this space.