How Arabic Chatbots Can Unlock Growth for Enterprises in the Middle East


For any business to be genuinely global, it needs to reach and engage customers in their native or preferred language. Moreover, there is significant business value and ROI in catering to customers in their language of choice. As per a “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” research by CSA Research, 76 percent of online shoppers said they would purchase products with information in their local dialect. Multilingual customer experience is a key factor in not just customers’ buying decisions but something that wins their loyalty.

AI assistants are the first point of interaction a customer has when reaching out for support. Ideally, the AI assistant would understand the customer’s query and provide a suitable response. However, if the customer were to input a query in a language the AI assistant doesn’t understand, it would not only hamper the customer experience but impact their overall brand perception in a negative way.

A multilingual AI assistant, powered by NLP, breaks down language barriers and facilitates smoother interactions to address product queries, provide personalized product recommendations, and guide customers at every step. To offer multilingual customer experiences, businesses don’t need multiple AI assistants for the languages they support; it’s neither practical nor cost-effective. Instead, an AI assistant integrated with all the supported languages, with the option for customers to switch between default and preferred language, is faster and more efficient.

Beyond Translation: The Power of Multilingual AI Assistants

Multilingual chatbots unlock a plethora of benefits for enterprises - from enhanced customer experiences to increased brand awareness, and more.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Developing AI assistants with multilingual capabilities improves the customer experience by eliminating bot breaks caused by users typing queries in non-English languages. This proactive approach mitigates customer frustration and provides smoother interactions for overall satisfaction. 

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Maximize Audience Reach: As more people turn to digital platforms and interfaces to fulfill their needs and wants, catering to linguistic preferences is paramount for engaging with a broader demographic. This not only amplifies brand visibility but also leads to better customer acquisition and engagement.

Diversity and Inclusivity: In an increasingly globalized world, consumers appreciate brands that value and respect cultural differences. By embracing linguistic diversity, businesses can position themselves as inclusive and culturally-aware, elevating their reputation among a wider audience.

Better Efficiency: Addressing customer inquiries and providing support in different languages would typically require a team of multilingual agents, each proficient in specific languages. This would incur higher staffing costs while posing significant challenges in terms of scalability, resource allocation, and consistency. By contrast, multilingual AI assistants facilitate customer self-service for efficient resolution to high volume of queries while delivering seamless service across languages. 

Increased Sales: As per data, if customers have the choice to pick one of two similar products, they would buy the one that has information in their own language. Thus, leveraging multilingual AI assistants to provide product details and support in customers’ preferred languages leads to higher conversion rates and an increase in sales revenue.

Tailoring AI Assistants to Arabic-Speaking Customers

Haptik is empowering enterprises in the Middle East with multilingual capabilities, tailored specifically to engage Arabic-speaking customers. With a deep understanding of cultural and linguistic nuances that are unique to the region, Haptik's AI-powered solutions seamlessly bridge communication barriers.


By enabling enterprises to deploy multilingual chatbots that converse fluently in Arabic, Haptik facilitates personalized and contextually relevant conversations. From providing product information to resolving queries and offering support, our AI-driven assistants streamline the customer experience, fostering business growth and long-lasting customer relationships

The Advantages of Haptik’s Multilingual AI Assistants

Customization: Our multilingual chatbots are customizable solutions for diverse linguistic needs and contexts. Whether it's integrating regional dialects, optimizing for colloquialisms, or adapting to cultural sensitivities - our multilingual AI assistants are flexible and adaptable.

Scalability: Haptik’s multilingual bots are capable of handling increased workloads without reduction in performance or reliability. Our AI-driven multilingual assistants can quickly scale up while reducing response times and ensuring timely assistance for customers. The bots provide easy customization if you expand into new markets and require support for additional languages.

Comprehensive Support: Our team of experts work closely with enterprises during development and deployment of the solution. From initial consultation to development followed by ongoing maintenance and support - we ensure the solution is optimized to meet the evolving needs of your enterprise for a consistently superior customer experience.

Get Started with Multilingual Support

Implementing multilingual support is not an option but a strategic requirement for enterprises to reach broader audiences, streamline customer experiences, and build lasting relationships. Haptik can be your technology partner in building multilingual AI solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows to engage Arabic-speaking customers in the Middle East. Our conversational solutions help navigate the subtleties of various languages and cultural contexts to deliver tailored interactions that resonate deeply with your customers.