Top 10 WhatsApp Business Solution Providers in 2023

Top WhatsApp BSPs

In the dynamic world of marketing, WhatsApp has emerged as the primary channel for brands across the spectrum to acquire customers, engage with them at scale, drive sales and revenue, and re-engage to boost average order value and drive better retention. However, with scores of WhatsApp business solution providers (BSP) available, it’s important to choose and partner with the right BSP that aligns with their business goals and requirements. 

In this detailed comparison, we take a deep dive into the top WhatsApp BSPs, evaluating their capabilities and functionalities that can help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a fast-growing startup or an enterprise brand, you’ll gather the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of each WhatsApp BSP through this article.

List of Top WhatsApp Business Solution Providers

  1. Haptik
  2. Gupshup
  3. CleverTap
  4. Verloop
  5. 360Dialog
  6. Wati
  7. Engati
  8. Kaleyra
  9. Landbot

#1 Haptik

Haptik is a Meta business partner and the industry-leading WhatsApp business solution provider that offers all the solutions as the 10 BSPs mentioned here - and more! 

As an industry-leading BSP, Haptik has so far done 300+ implementations on WhatsApp. Its in-house team of experts help create the best customer experiences that drive maximum ROI and enable brands to achieve their industry-specific goals. What’s more, Haptik’s partnership with Meta means its customers are the first to implement any new beta features released by WhatsApp. 

Haptik holds the distinction of building the first-ever end-to-end WhatsApp commerce chatbot in collaboration with Meta. The solution has powered India’s largest retail giant to drive 1500 daily orders along with an impressive repeat rate of 68%.

Further testament to Haptik’s dominance in this crowded and competitive space is offered by the raw numbers: 10B+ conversations processes, 10M+ transactions processed, and catering to 500+ enterprise customers across continents and geographies.

Adding to Haptik’s long list of milestones that showcase the company’s inherent capability to handle scale are:

  • Building the world’s largest chatbot in partnership with the Government of India. The ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ on WhatsApp handled 3Cr+ conversations. 
  • Its renowned ML pipeline that can handle 1000s of transactions per second of user queries.
  • Stability and availability with real-time anomaly detection, with Haptik providing an uptime crossing 99.99% with recent SLAs across global deployments.

Haptik boasts of a powerful integration ecosystem that includes messaging apps, CRMs, Livechat, marketing automation systems, connectors, payment gateways, dataviz platforms, and more. 

Unlike other BSPs, Haptik allows customers the choice to purchase Interakt as a standalone engagement solution. In addition, customers have the option to upgrade to a full-scale chatbot (or intelligent virtual assistant) that helps drive the entire customer journey and generate the maximum ROI, translating to exponential brand growth and success!

Interakt empowers brands in six impactful ways, including:

  • High-impact Campaigns: Ensure uninterrupted delivery of notifications at massive scale to truly engage customers. Interakt has helped a single customer trigger 5M+ notifications in a single day!
  • Plug-and-Play Integrations: Seamlessly integrate marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, payment gateways, and more with Interakt’s best-in-class connectors for effective campaign management.
  • Automation Workflows: Deliver highly tailored customer experiences by triggering event-based workflows that also boost lead-generation efforts.
  • Product Catalogs: Drive conversions and boost revenue by showcasing visually-rich product catalogs that persuade customers to take buying action.
  • Campaign Analytics: Stay on top of campaigns and optimize their performance by tracking metrics such as open rate, read rate, reply rate, clickthrough rate, and so much more.
  • Click-to-WhatsApp Ads: Boost customer acquisition with clickable, high-conversion ads that help brands reach their target audience at scale.


#2 Gupshup

Gupshup is an official WhatsApp Business API provider with a portfolio that includes conversational support, conversational commerce, and conversational marketing. It innovates by introducing new tools and adopting new technologies. The Auto Bot Builder tool powered by GPT-3, which allows a user to build a chatbot using content from their message logs, website, documents, and product catalogs, is a case in point. 

What is unique about Gupshup?

Gupshup is well-known for its API call speed, ease of integration, and multi-channel communication capabilities. It also offers extensive support via documentation and through its community, along with professional support.

What are Gupshup’s limitations and how does it compare with Haptik?

Gupshup Haptik
❌ Doesn’t offer a GPT-powered template generator for marketing campaigns ✔️ Offers a GPT-powered template generator that helps brands create personalized messages and drive higher engagement
❌ Bot break experience is poor and lacks guidance to next steps ✔️ Even in cases of bot breaks, additional layer of disambiguation is used to assist users with next steps
❌ Messaging API lacks conversational intelligence ✔️ Has proprietary NLU, which is ranked highest in the market, to resolve end-to-end customer queries instantly
❌ Analytics dashboard feature is limited to just notification delivery and read status ✔️ Provides custom analytics dashboards per customer, which help brands track key campaign performance metrics unique to them, and offers insights into returns on WhatsApp campaigns, user journeys, and drop-offs
❌ Doesn’t have Programs dedicated to driving ROI and helping customers achieve success ✔️ WhatsApp Centre of Excellence - a dedicated program which helps customers receive expert guidance to devise WhatsApp campaigns and templates to drive higher ROI from the channel


#3 CleverTap

Like Gupshup, CleverTap is an Official WhatsApp Business API provider that caters to eCommerce, edtech, subscription, and fintech industries. It also offers WhatsApp marketing solutions using native WhatsApp API.

What is unique about CleverTap?

It offers an extensive suite of marketing automation capabilities that include customer segmentation, omnichannel engagement, mapping user journeys, and more. It helps create automated campaigns on WhatsApp to send promotional notifications and engage in two-way communication with customers to quickly resolve issues and respond to queries.

What are CleverTap’s limitations?

CleverTap Haptik
❌ Doesn’t offer built-in tools to connect users on WhatsApp to support agents when necessary ✔️ Has an extensive suite of tools to offer on-demand support while allowing users to connect with agents on WhatsApp when manual guidance and assistance is needed
❌ Doesn’t offer WhatsApp commerce capabilities ✔️ An industry-leading WhatsApp commerce solution that helps to set up quick storefronts on the most popular messaging app and drive an end-to-end shopping experience driving higher sales and ROI
❌ Doesn’t offer WhatsApp support capabilities as they are focused only on Marketing ✔️ Haptik provides extensive support capabilities to connect your agents to your WhatsApp and manage ticket automation and agent responses. The tool is designed to increase First Resolution Time and optimize agent efficiency


# 4 Verloop

Verloop is an AI-powered customer support automation platform for multilingual, round-the-clock, scalable support across channels. To improve customer support experience, it has recently launched a new AI feature driven by ChatGPT.

What is unique about Verloop?

Conversational AI, which is Verloop’s core product, comes with the three-fold advantage of out-of-the-box integrations, omnichannel capabilities, and chatbot performance analytics. Its language-agnostic bot builder helps communicate in the language of the user's choice.

What are Verloop’s limitations?

Verloop Haptik
❌ Doesn’t offer commerce capabilities as it’s a multi-channel support and engagement automation system ✔️ Offers end-to-end commerce starting with product discovery, purchase, payments, and post-purchase support
❌ Adding quick replies and configuring chat transfers based on agents’ regions can be time-consuming ✔️ Haptik offers GPT-powered Bot Response Generator to create user-centric replies in a contextual way and trigger quick replies based on the user’s query.
❌ Analytics feature is basic and doesn’t offer much in the form of marketing insights ✔️ In-depth analytics platform with the capability of building custom dashboards as per each brand’s unique business and KPI requirements
❌ The UI comes with a learning curve and is not aesthetically pleasing ✔️ UI is functional and easy-to-use while having a shorter learning curve


#5 360Dialog

360Dialog is an API-driven WhatsApp business solution provider that allows users to connect with WhatsApp to build chatbots, integrate with third-party applications, or connect with another app. The platform helps with custom WhatsApp channel setup, tailored opt-in methods such as via interactive messages and QR codes, and campaign KPIs tracking and analysis.

What is unique about 360Dialog?

It empowers brands with customer profiling tools, conversion rate tracking, and more that help maximize the ROI of WhatsApp campaigns. It is one of the few European partners selected by WhatsApp. It offers access and super quick onboarding to the WhatsApp Business API by its own messaging API. 

What are 360Dialog’s limitations?

360Dialog Haptik
❌ UI has fewer functionalities and is too simple to garner much user interest ✔️ Has a mature, easy-to-use UI that enhances user experience and captures and retains interest for the bot builder and the end users
❌ Solutions don’t offer the flexibility to fulfill the unique needs and preferences of every brand ✔️ Offers ample flexibility and customization options for every brand’s unique industry use cases and to maximize the ROI
❌ Poor customer support and reviews ✔️ Exemplary customer support that’s recognized by enterprise clients and backed by 4.5+ star rating on prominent review platforms like G2


#6 Wati

Wati is an official Meta business partner that offers an end-to-end WhatsApp API solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) globally. It is an easy-to-use platform that its clients can get up and running in no time.

What is unique about Wati?

It enables multi-agent collaboration wherein more than one agent can collaborate on customer conversations. Wati offers a user-friendly chatbot builder allowing brands to create customized conversational solutions without the need for any coding knowledge.

What are Wati’s limitations?

Wati Haptik
❌ Users must pay to get the WhatsApp Business API approved, while a separate amount also needs to be paid for Green Tick verification ✔️ Haptik does not charge extra fees to get WhatsApp Business API approval & green tick
❌ Users can connect with Wati support only via email, while customer support has been described as “disappointing” by many Wati customers ✔️ Offers 24/7 on-demand support across channels
❌ Chatbot integration is self-serve while provision for chatbot and other software integration is unavailable ✔️ Haptik provides a team of project manager, customer success manager, implementation engineers and conversation designers to create sophisticated chatbots that really work
❌ Designed predominantly for marketing outbound communications such as order confirmations, reminders, etc ✔️ It’s an end-to-end conversational messaging solution that helps businesses drive marketing, commerce, and support


#7 Engati 

Engati is not a Meta business partner but a Shopify partner. It provides WhatsApp chatbots, Shopify chatbots (exclusive offering), AI chatbots, Instagram chatbot, and Live chat. It offers omnichannel experiences across various social platforms like Messenger, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, and more.

What is unique about Engati?

Its platform can help send WhatsApp broadcasts to acquire more customers at a lower price than most other channels because of the higher engagement & conversion rates. It offers WhatsApp marketing automation for every industry.

What are Engati’s limitations?

Engati Haptik
❌ Lacks natural language understanding (NLU) and works only on condition-based flows ✔️ An advanced NLU that makes customer interactions sound natural and human by understanding sentiment and intent behind each user query
❌ Lacks most integrations within popular marketing, commerce and CRM platforms ✔️ A powerful integration ecosystem with 50+ partners that includes messaging channels, CRM & Livechat, payment gateways, connectors, and more
❌ A certain level of technical expertise might be necessary to build and configure chatbots ✔️ In-house team of experts help with seamless onboarding, configuring chatbots, optimizations, and more
❌ Navigating within the platform can be complex and cumbersome ✔️ Seamless navigation and a user-friendly UI that makes user experience a breeze


#8 Kaleyra

Kaleyra is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) platform that enables brands to engage customers using chatbots, personalized messages and programmable voice services. It offers WhatsApp messaging API for enterprise customers, supporting customer care conversations along with multilingual capabilities, custom interactive message templates, and more.

What is unique about Kaleyra?

Using its robust APIs and proprietary platform, Kaleyra offers integrated and multi-channel communication services on a global scale. It offers a flowbuilder that helps to design multi-channel communication flows using its drag-and-drop visual editor.

What are Kaleyra’s limitations?

Kaleyra Haptik
❌ Does not offer commerce solutions ✔️ An industry-leading conversational commerce solution that allows businesses to drive the end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp
❌ Message delivery across channels can be a challenge for businesses that send messages at scale and speed ✔️ An enterprise-scale solution that ensures uninterrupted delivery of unlimited notifications at breakneck speed


#9 Landbot

Landbot is not an official Meta Partner but offers WhatsApp chatbots and AI Chatbots for website and in-app. It uses GPT-3 to generate templates and provides FAQ bot builder using OpenAI API keys.

What is unique about Landbot?

It has a no-code chatbot builder platform with features like Team Inbox, Campaign Analytics, and Testing Environment. It also allows brands to build their own drag-and-drop UI to send WhatsApp notifications.

What are Landbot’s limitations?

Landbot Haptik
❌ End-to-end commerce features are unavailable ✔️ Offers end-to-end commerce on WhatsApp, helping set up quick storefronts and deliver a seamless shopping experience
❌ Certain easy-to-use features lack enough customization options ✔️ Offers flexibility and customization is available with all its solutions catering to a wide range of businesses
❌ Its UI is not one that offers the most streamline experience ✔️ A user-friendly UI that enhances the user experience while helping brands to capture and retain user attention


#10 is a leader in conversational AI that offers resolution-focused automation with a combination of AI and human intelligence. It uses advanced LLM technologies to create compelling, conversational templates on the fly and improve user engagement.

What is unique about

Brands can create dynamic workflows to launch campaigns instantly with AI-generated contextual templates tailored to goals and user segments. It also offers a vast pool of messaging templates in more than 135+ languages across key industry verticals.

What are’s limitations? Haptik
❌ Integrations with customized interfaces via APIs can be difficult ✔️ Offers seamless integration backed by a powerful integration ecosystem consisting of messaging channels, CRM systems, Livechat, payment gateways, connectors, etc.
❌ Does not provide in-depth analytics of WhatsApp notifications and Click to WhatsApp ads ✔️ Provides a CTWA dashboard to measure performance of Notifications and  Click-to-WhatsApp ads, analyze responses at a template and a campaign level, and create custom goals to track completions
❌ A seemingly steep learning curve to get familiar with conversational automation and NLP technologies ✔️ In-house team of experts help with onboarding and personalized support that’s available 24/7 and on-demand



In this article, we have offered an in-depth comparison of the top WhatsApp BSPs, with each offering a unique set of advantages and features along with certain limitations. Whether the priority is scalability, ease of use, advanced analytics, integrations, or some other requirement, this comparison has covered all the important aspects to consider before finalizing a solution. It’s also essential to remember that the right WhatsApp BSP for a brand will depend on its budget, desired functionalities, customer support, and the growth strategy. 

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