How Haptik-IDfy Integration Powers Seamless End-to-end KYC on WhatsApp

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Advancements in technology and regulatory changes have shaped the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. From being a predominantly manual process that required customers to submit physical documents for verification, KYC is now largely paperless and fully digitized to the point where verification is completed online and remotely. 

WhatsApp’s widespread popularity and accessibility have made it a big part of the digital KYC process, enabling businesses to reach a large customer base and offer their KYC services. 

WhatsApp offers manifold advantages for businesses and customers alike as part of the end-to-end KYC journey, including:

  • Encryption: With KYC processes involving sensitive data, security is critical. The end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp helps protect customer data during communication and exchange of documents. The enhanced security of KYC on WhatsApp offers peace of mind to customers.

  • Customer Experience (CX):  Improving the overall CX is an essential part of the KYC process, and a challenge too. The conversational and interactive nature of engaging on WhatsApp helps businesses to offer personalized support to their customers. The support can also be handled in real-time, along with prompt clarifications if any, which greatly improves the customer experience through the entire process of KYC.

  • Convenience: With customers using WhatsApp on a daily basis, conducting KYC on the mobile app they use the most offers convenience. By submitting the documents and verifying themselves on their smartphones, they save time and physical effort in completing the KYC.

How Haptik & IDfy Bring End-to-end KYC on WhatsApp

The joint solutions of Haptik and IDfy, a B2B tech company that enables identity verification and onboarding, help to not only complete KYC but also drive the entire customer journey on WhatsApp.

It is a six-step process that involves: 

  • Capture
  • Validation
  • Extraction
  • Authentication
  • Verification
  • Re-engagement


The WhatsApp bot captures the relevant documents that are then validated by tampering detection through IDfy, followed by real-time face and signature extraction, the authentication enabled by face match and liveness check, which are verified in real-time, followed by re-engagement on WhatsApp to nudge users to complete the user journey. 

IDfy’s advanced APIs that leverage AI/ML algorithms help extract information from documents, verify ID details against official databases, detect tampering, conduct facial recognition comparison, and run criminal record checks to ensure a thorough KYC. 

Such a streamlined KYC process helps brands to reduce turnaround time, improve customer lifetime value and boost customer satisfaction.

The Haptik-IDfy integration is a one-stop to drive use cases on WhatsApp such as:

  • KYC completion
  • Account opening
  • Loan and insurance applications
  • Merchant onboarding
  • Digilocker

The joint solution by Haptik and IDfy helps businesses to achieve up to 99% auto-approval with automated decision-making around KYC checks.


Integration of messaging channels such as WhatsApp has streamlined the KYC process and made it more convenient and user-friendly. Users can submit their documents and information via WhatsApp and complete KYC from the comfort of their homes. The Haptik-IDfy partnership takes KYC a step further by using notifications and re-engagement on WhatsApp to nudge users to complete the user journey. KYC continues to evolve along with advancements in technology and regulatory changes. KYC on WhatsApp also allows businesses to offer an exceptional customer experience, reinforce security at a time when financial crimes are on the rise, and meet regulatory compliance standards.