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In 2022, media & entertainment brands must give their audiences their favorite content including movies, shows, serials at the touch of a button and customized to their preferences. Haptik’s suite of intelligent conversational solutions enables brands to tap into new engagement opportunities while delivering a consistent user experience focused on personalization and smart pricing models.


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Create best-in-class & intuitive chatbots

Haptik’s rich library of conversation workflows is designed to help media and entertainment companies optimize audience engagement, increase subscriptions, and achieve revenue growth in the most organic way possible.

Get all shows/serials: Showcase all relevant shows and serials based on audience behavior and browsing history while being logged into the platform.

Get exclusive shows/promos content: Promote exclusive shows, movie promos, and newly-released episodes to pique viewer interest and drive sign-ups and subscriptions.

Change region/specific setting: Help subscribers customize settings specific to their region, so that they are able to access native and regional content on the platform dashboard.

Media&Entertainment Smart Skills
Media&Entertainment Smart Skills

Pique audience interest & increase engagement

Use conversational messaging to engage with your audience in a proactive way that helps you achieve your customer acquisition goals. It’s a win-win as your audience gets the maximum value from opting in and returning each time they have an itch to watch their favorite series or the latest flick.

Click-to-Haptik ads: Make your ads less intrusive and more appealing to your audiences with personalized messaging and click-worthy content.

Proactive notifications: Engage customers with personalized and proactive notifications that highlight movie recommendations, latest releases, and other alerts relevant to their interests. 

Continuous engagement: Send intuitive messages that keep your audience engaged and inform them of upcoming discounts, on-demand shows, pay-per-views, and more.

Increase engagement
Increase engagement

Personalized entertainment, optimized for today's audience 

Design conversations that engage your prospects and customers, and increase your opportunities to achieve commerce and business goals. 

Better upsell options: Match your customized offers and promotions for users based on their subscription plan, membership tier, and more to increase upselling.

Increase CLV: Optimize customer onboarding, implement loyalty programs and employ customer retargeting to achieve the desired customer lifetime value. 

Data-driven monetization: Use behavioral analytics and insights to monetize content that matches the purchasing intent of subscribers. 

Personalized entertainment
Personalized entertainment

Subscriber Support at Scale

With Haptik’s intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants, your brand can provide personalized support related to subscription, account management, and billing. 

On-demand support: Haptik’s conversational chatbots enable you to offer 24/7 support that drives customer satisfaction and streamlines customer interactions. 

End-to-end account management: Empower prospects and customers to update subscription plans, renew packages, make payments, and manage accounts on their own. 

Improve response times: Provide fast and timely responses that resolve queries related to subscriptions, service issues, billing, and more to foster a positive brand image.

Subscriber Support
Subscriber Support

Support that's conversational, consistent & convenient

Support subscribers and prospects at each stage in their journey. With Haptik’s intelligent solutions, you can provide exemplary support that leads to customer delight.  

Self-service: Enable customers to raise instant support tickets, troubleshoot errors and maneuver any snags in service and content delivery.

Sign-ups: Automatically provide how-to guides, user manuals and product tours to increase sign-ups and provide a smooth onboarding experience.

Account controls & subscription features: Enable customers to seamlessly reset passwords, change email IDs and usernames, while providing renewal reminders and more for uninterrupted service and entertainment.

Support that's conversational, consistent & convenient
Support that's conversational, consistent & convenient
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