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Climate change is one of the major challenges, if not the defining challenge, of our times!

As a society, we have made tremendous strides over the past century across every field of human endeavor. Unfortunately, a lot of those strides have come at the cost of the environment.

Over 800 million people across the globe are currently vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. In the year 2018 alone we lost 12,000 square km of tropical forest. And while it is popularly believed that the Internet is carbon-free, that is not completely true – with digital activity accounting for 2% of total CO2 emissions.

The truth is that no business can exist without leaving behind a carbon footprint, however small. 

At Haptik, we firmly believe that we all share an obligation to help protect and preserve our planet. And in that spirit, we have taken a pledge for a greener tomorrow.

Our Pledge

For every Intelligent Virtual Assistant that we launch,

Haptik will plant 20 Trees!

10 trees on behalf of Team Haptik,

10 trees on behalf of the partner implementing the IVA solution.

In keeping with this commitment, we recently held our Inaugural Tree Plantation Drive. Over 100 trees were planted by Team Haptik, to mark the deployment of 5 Intelligent Virtual Assistants. 

Here are a few snapshots of our team painting the town green!

Haptikans-supporting-environment-sustainabilityHaptikans supporting environmental sustainability



Let's go green together!


Ensuring a better world for the generations to come


Making the world greener, one sapling at a time

While we’re constantly working towards the evolution of Conversational AI, we believe environmental sustainability is an essential step to doing business responsibly and successfully. As a pioneer in conversational AI, our actions have the potential to set sustainability benchmarks for the industry and while ensuring a better world for generations to come!



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