What the Jio-Facebook-Google Partnership Means for Haptik

Jio Facebook Google Partnership

The last few months have been an exciting time for Reliance Jio, as it has entered partnerships with a number of global players, including Facebook and Google – who have respectively invested $5.7 billion and $4.5 billion in Jio.


These developments are momentous for observers, enterprises, and consumers across the globe, and they hold a special significance for Haptik.


Facebook and Google have invested in Jio Platforms, the Reliance Industries subsidiary that is a majority stakeholder in Haptik. This makes Haptik a part of the exciting new Jio-Facebook-Google digital ecosystem that is now taking shape.


Reliance Jio acquired a majority stake in Haptik in early 2019, and we have since been working closely with them to expand the scale and scope of our Conversational AI technology and business. With Facebook and Google now on board, the potential inherent in this partnership has been amplified exponentially. 


Our Co-Founder & CEO, Aakrit Vaish, has discussed what this new Jio-Facebook-Google ecosystem means for Haptik, and outlined some possible areas of future collaboration with Facebook and Google, in a video message which you can view below:



Here are some of the key takeaways from his message:


The Facebook Impact

Haptik is already one of the largest WhatsApp Business Solution providers globally, powering customer engagement for brands across verticals on the world’s largest messaging platform. We expect this to be a key area of collaboration with Facebook moving forward, with the possibility of building new Conversational AI products on WhatsApp. We could also potentially be part of alpha and beta-testing programs with WhatsApp, and thus speedily preview the latest innovations in this area for our customers.


With WhatsApp becoming even more crucial to enterprises as a platform for engagement and even commerce in the near-future, we expect to be at the forefront of the WhatsApp story, and play a key role in bringing these developments to brands across the globe.


The Google Impact

Google has a large number of initiatives related to AI and messaging, which opens up a lot of possible areas of collaboration for Haptik. One significant example is Google’s large Conversational AI initiative – the Google Contact Center team – that is focused on powering call centers and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.


Google Assistant is something we foresee being leveraged by brands to a greater extent in the future, and is an area where we see ourselves potentially playing a key role due to our own work on voice-based AI Assistants.


In the messaging space, Google is doing some interesting work with RCS (Rich Communication Spaces) – essentially the next-generation SMS – which is another platform where we could incorporate our AI Assistant solution.


Last but not least, we look forward to the possibility of leveraging the infrastructure and underlying computing power of Google Cloud, which also has some of the world’s best AI algorithms – in terms of natural language understanding, vernacular language capabilities, and more. By integrating these capabilities into Haptik’s Conversational AI products, we aim to build more powerful and effective solutions for our customers.


A Brave New World

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the vast potential of this new digital ecosystem. Our strategic partnership with Jio, one of the world’s largest telecom brands, over the past year, has enabled us to become a Conversational AI powerhouse, both in India and globally. With the knowledge and capabilities of Google and Facebook, the two giants of the digital world, added to the mix, there may be no limit to what we at Haptik can imagine and achieve. 


Above all, we look forward to leveraging these partnerships to deliver even greater customer success, as we take the Conversational AI revolution to an exciting new phase!

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