5 Ways Generative AI Transforms Marketing in eCommerce

Generative AI is driving a new wave of transformation in eCommerce. By leveraging the technology, businesses can seamlessly adapt to evolving customer expectations and foster competitive advantage. Gen AI in eCommerce is a strategic asset for modern enterprises to boost their marketing campaigns, amplify customer acquisition, and maximize the returns on investment (ROI).

This is part one of a series of three articles offering a deep dive into the transformative power of Gen AI in reimagining marketing, support, and operations for eCommerce businesses.

What Sets Generative AI Apart from Traditional AI

While traditional AI has been a game-changer for eCommerce businesses, Gen AI ushers a whole new level of innovation. Where traditional AI analyzes existing data to identify patterns, make predictions, and automate tasks, Gen AI goes beyond mere data analysis and creates entirely new content and experiences based on input data and prompts.

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Gen AI uses advanced algorithms and sifts through massive amounts of data to identify complex patterns and subtle nuances in how customers interact with online stores. This deep understanding allows it to generate personalized recommendations, content, and even virtual experiences that resonate deeply with online shoppers, fostering stronger brand-customer relationships and ultimately driving conversions.

What’s more, Gen AI achieves all these with a level of efficiency that was previously unattainable, empowering businesses to adapt and scale faster than their competitors.

Generative AI Applications in Marketing for eCommerce

Gen AI in marketing allows eCommerce businesses to accelerate time-to-value and unlock personalization at scale.

Gen AI Ad Campaign Creatives for Faster Go-To-Market and Higher ROI


Gen AI helps generate ad campaign creatives (including copy, images, and other ad elements) at scale to accelerate go-to-market (GTM) and maximize performance and ROI. It drives the production of personalized content tailored to target audiences for increased engagement and goal completions. Not only does Gen AI create ad campaign content, it helps eCommerce brands glean valuable insights into customer behavior to inform future marketing campaigns and drive more conversions at reduced costs and less time.

Gen AI-Powered Sales Assistant for Lead Generation and Customer Engagement


In eCommerce, an interactive sales assistant that engages buyers and offers conversational purchase support elevates customer experience. Powered by Gen AI, the solution powers lead generation and maximizes customer engagement through natural and free-flowing conversations with customers at scale during pre- and post-purchase journeys. Personalized human-like sales assistance reduces friction and fuels informed buying decisions, which further contributes to higher customer satisfaction and better retention.

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LLM-Powered Search and Recommendation Engine for Lead Generation and Conversions


eCommerce businesses can enable search on their websites to provide buyers with precise and contextual product recommendations. Haptik has collaborated with a leading electric vehicle manufacturer to build an LLM-powered search and recommendation engine. The solution uses embeddings to sift through the catalog for the best match as per the customer’s query and requirements. Its capabilities are further enhanced by in-built translation to resolve a wide range of queries in languages such as Hindi, Arabic and more.

Gen AI-Powered Virtual Try-Ons and Product Visualization for Interactive Shopping Experiences


Virtual try-on experiences, powered by Gen AI, allow customers to visualize how clothes or apparel, makeup, and other products will look on them before making a purchase. It boosts consumer confidence to complete the transaction, while reducing returns and creating a more interactive shopping experience. Enhanced visual search goes beyond simple keyword matching. Gen AI can analyze a user's photo and suggest similar products, providing a more intuitive way to search for items. The technology also allows for product visualization through three-dimensional (3D) representations of furniture, electronics, and vehicles that buyers can view and zoom in on details to make an informed purchase decision.

Gen AI-Driven Summarization of Product Reviews to Drive Buying Decisions


Customer reviews can influence potential customers' purchasing decisions. They provide valuable insights into product quality, user experience, and overall satisfaction, making it a critical touchpoint in the buyer's journey. By analyzing and distilling user sentiments and experiences, Gen AI enables businesses to enhance their marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and ultimately drive purchases by future customers seeking reliable and informed purchasing decisions. This capability is invaluable in eCommerce, where the ability to quickly understand and respond to customer feedback can significantly impact sales and customer loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Generative AI helps to scale marketing strategies by automating repetitive tasks, amplifying acquisition through enhanced targeting and segmentation, and tailoring the experiences for increased conversions and loyalty. It is a beacon of innovation, personalization and efficiency allowing eCommerce businesses to stand out in a dynamic marketplace and cater to evolving customer expectations. By leveraging Gen AI’s capabilities, eCommerce businesses can not only foster higher customer engagement but also maximize the ROI manifold.

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