Intelligent Virtual Assistants Transform Billing, Plans, and Network Issues for Telecommunications

Customer support just got a whole lot smarter. Reduce the cost of handling support processes and engage with customers at the right time on the channels they’re active on. Start creating personalized experiences for your customers and improve your bottom line.

Smart Skills for Building Better Customer Connection

Create a frictionless customer journey with our highly intelligent and pre-designed Smart Skills built specifically for the Telecom domain. Haptik’s pre-built flows cover refined ideal customer journeys end-to-end which assist you in resolving customer issues faster, thereby enhancing satisfaction levels.

  • 9000+ pre-built intents & 7000+ user utterances ready to automate user journey from buying to customer care

  • Swiftly Integrate your ticketing system with our open API and Out-Of-The-Box integrations

  • By powering 40 million+ industry-specific conversations, Haptik is all set to build the most customized IVA for your business requirements

    Excited to know how Smart Skills can help you provide a remarkable Customer Experience to your users?

Increase Sales with intelligent prompts


Have 1:1 conversations with millions of users and build lasting customer relationships. Recommend products that compliment their previous purchase or upsell with offers relevant to the plan they’re currently on, thereby increasing ROI from each customer and drive retention.

Save 90% Support Costs with powerful Automation

Haptik’s IVAs are designed to solve L1 & L2 queries and automatically route more complex requests to support agents based on their skillset and chat load. Avoid broken customer experiences, ensure a faster turn around, and enable support agents to spend time and effort on more difficult escalations.

Enhance connections with omnichannel support

Effectively communicate with users and tell them about new offers, prompt them to try new services, help them manage plans, and improve customer retention by staying in touch with your users across 40+ channels including Web, App, WhatsApp, Facebook and lots more.


Customer Care

Give your customers the support they expect on the communication channels that they prefer.

Automate L1 & L2 queries and save 90% of customer care costs.

Transform your customer experience while simultaneously diverting support traffic from expensive channels such as phone.

Lead Generation

Make the first move to engage with your customers.

Haptik IVAs help you upgrade your customer experiences from generic offers and form fills to more personalized and tailored engagement.

Start building a pipeline of high-quality prospects, grow conversions with custom, data-driven recommendations, and optimize the entire customer journey.