The Simplest Way to Build Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Build AI-driven bots for chat, email and voice within minutes using Haptik's no-code Conversation Studio


Pre-engineered Smart Skills

Choose from 100+ pre-built, domain-specific, conversation journeys for the most common use cases in your industry.

  • Intuitive conversation journeys 
  • Created by Conversation Designers, and Language Experts
  • Derived from hundreds of IVA implementations 

Augment your Training Data with FAQs

Integrate your business FAQs and existing CRM data to improve the IVA’s automation rate for simple, routine queries.

  • How-to guides & step-by-step documentation
  • Conversation Design Handbook crafted by Conversation Design Experts & Linguists
  • Platform Knowledge Centre

Seamless Integrations using Code Editor

Implement out-of-box integrations with 100+ CRM tools and systems of records while reducing cost overheads by using our native Python-based Code Editor. Extend the platform’s capabilities by using our open, flexible APIs and Webhooks.

Multilingual Conversations with Linguist Pro

Communicate with users in their preferred language, use a combination of translation and Haptik's Custom Native Module for increased accuracy
  • Domain specialization with Custom Glossary module
  • Fully configurable bot responses  to manage cultural nuances and colloquialisms 
  • Custom Entity Extractor to accurately capture proper nouns and numbers
  • Custom language capabilities like Smart Assist, Disambiguation and Smart Variants 

Make your IVA friendly with the Small Talk

Haptik's Conversational Studio comes with an in-built small talk module trained on thousands of user utterances and 300+ situations, allowing you to focus on business-specific use cases, without worrying about general conversational capabilities.

  • Add the power of personality to your virtual assistant.
  • Develop a custom personality.
  • Humanize conversations at scale.

Enhance User Engagement with 100+ UI elements

Enhance user experience and improve engagement using our smart interactive elements.

  • Make conversations easier with Menu, quick replies,  and slot picker.
  • Drive richer engagement with image carousel, store locator, intelligent bot prompts, and more. 


Build Once Deploy Anywhere

Leverage 15+ ready-to-use channels and integrations that you can simply configure and go live. Effortlessly send messages and receive responses using Haptik’s plug & play Bot as an API via webhooks.