An Easy Interface to Build and manage AI-Powered Conversations

Convert complex business workflows into intuitive conversational journeys using our low-code Conversation Studio. Haptik has a library of pre-built Smart Skills designed by our expert team of Conversation Designers for a variety of use-cases across industries.


Industry-Specific Smart Skills

Building an effective Intelligent Virtual assistant can be complex, challenging & time-consuming. It is a multi-step process — use-case identification, custom workflows, bot building expertise, conversation design, custom integrations, and stress testing.

With Haptik’s Industry-Specific Smart Skills you don’t need to start from scratch - use pre-built conversational journeys crafted by Conversation Designers & Linguist Experts.

Tailor-made Natural Language models for eCommerce, Telecom, Insurance, Financial Lending, and Gaming

Pre-identified live agent handover through out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRM platforms and tools.

Build rich messaging experiences

Drag-and-drop interface to create conversational workflows, add powerful UI Elements, integrate business logic, customize content and drive better engagement.

Simplify interactions with intuitive elements like quick replies, carousels, forms, menu, and slot pickers

Drive proactive communication with Intelligent Bot Prompts that nudge the user at the right time in the buying journey

Ability to upload all your business FAQs with a single click. The Intelligent Virtual Assistant can easily be trained with existing data sources.

Build your bots instantly with Intent Discovery

Leverage your existing knowledge sources to understand past customer conversations via tickets, live agent chats, knowledge base and identify the key use-cases that you should definitely build in your bot.

Eliminate the guesswork in identifying the most common use-cases that customers ask for

Use your support tickets to enhance bot training and reduce overheads

Empower continuous bot learning and suggest relevant articles by integrating your Knowledge Base 


Never let language be a barrier with Linguist Pro 

Converse with your customers in their preferred language with the highest fluency and accuracy by using Haptik’s Linguist Pro. Benefit from the best of both worlds - translation and custom native module by using our proprietary technology.

Use domain understanding to help your bot translate domain-specific words like जिओ to Jio instead of “live”

Identify numbers, names, and proper nouns to provide the correct translations

Bulk upload FAQs in multiple languages to instantly train your bot


Integrate your existing CX tools & power end-to-end customer journeys

Be it your CRM, ticketing system, live agent software or a custom CX tool - we provide low-code out of the box integrations to  seamlessly connect your bot within your existing CX ecosystem

Escalate conversations from AI to agents by using live agent chat integrations like Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, Freshdesk, Salesforce & others

Automatically sync tickets into your CRM platform like Freshworks, Zendesk, Salesforce

Hyper-personalize conversations by leveraging Customer Data Integrations with Shopify, Magento, Glia


Seamlessly handoff complex queries from bot to live agents

Add the required human touch in your customer conversations by transferring complex queries to your agents while enhancing their productivity and overall CSAT.

Track agent performance, status, online hours, CSAT Score, & more using one single performance dashboard

Integrate your existing Live Agent Tool and CRM with your bot to provide support at scale with minimum setup

Leverage  AI Agent Assist to provide suggestions & prompts to answer customer queries and improve First Response Time