Conversation Studio

The Simplest Way to Build an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Build a fully functional Intelligent Virtual Assistant
within minutes using Haptik's Conversation Studio; without writing a single line of code.

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Deliver High-performing Customer Experiences With
Conversation Studio

Leverage our simple drag & drop Conversation Studio with in-built industry-focused
NLU models to design engaging experiences that impact your bottom line.

Pre-engineered Smart Skills

Choose from 100+ pre-built, domain-specific, conversational journeys for the most common use cases for your industry. Created by Conversation Designers & Linguists derived from hundreds of IVA implementations

Augment your Training Data with FAQs

Integrate your business FAQs and existing CRM data to improve the IVA’s automation rate for simple, routine queries.

  • How-to guides & step-by-step documentation
  • Conversation Design Handbook crafted by Conversation Design Experts & Linguists
  • Platform Knowledge Centre

Seamless Integrations using Code Editor

Implement out-of-box integrations with 100+ CRM tools and systems of records while reducing cost overheads by using our native Python-based Code Editor. Extend the platform’s capabilities by using our open, flexible APIs and Webhooks.

Go Live with 100+ Languages

Speak your customers’ language with advanced features that go beyond Google translation.

  • Custom glossary to accurately understand domain-specific terms.
  • Native modules for entity recognition
  • In-built text cleanup layer to help you build powerful multilingual virtual assistants.

Make your IVA friendly with the Small Talk Module

Haptik's Conversational Studio comes with an in-built small talk module trained on thousands of user utterances and 300+ situations, allowing you to focus on business-specific use cases, without worrying about general conversational capabilities.

  • Add the power of personality to your virtual assistant.
  • Develop a custom personality.
  • Humanize conversations at scale.

Enhance User Engagement with 100+ UI elements

Enhance user experience and improve engagement using our smart interactive elements.

  • Make conversations easier with Menu, quick replies,  and slot picker.
  • Drive richer engagement with image carousel, store locator, intelligent bot prompts, and more. 


Build Once Deploy Anywhere

Leverage 15+ ready-to-use channels and integrations that you can simply configure and go live. Effortlessly send messages and receive responses using Haptik’s plug & play Bot as an API via webhooks.