Drive Engagement & Sales with Facebook Chatbot

Pre-empt user needs, accelerate product sales, deliver instant support, generate leads, and drive engagement on the app that your users already use and love!




People use Facebook Messenger



Messages are exchanged between businesses and users monthly



Businesses use Facebook



people say that they discover new brands or products via Facebook

Consumers want to talk to brands on platforms that they already use. 

Show your users personalized product recommendations,  tell them about your offers and discounts, nudge them to visit your offline store or request a product demo, and deliver accurate and blazing-fast support to your customers directly on Facebook Messenger.  Seamlessly transfer chats to live agents whenever needed with full context for faster resolution.


Engage with customers 24/7

Respond directly to users on Facebook Messenger using our Conversational Cloud platform. Reduce wait times, ensure faster first response time, and happier customer experiences leading to higher CSAT.


Offer support at scale

Handle a multitude of user queries simultaneously with pre-built answers and information. Contextualize and customize individual conversations at scale, while creating a uniform customer experience.


Increase Product Sales

Show your new products and collections, promote offers and discounts and deliver engaging shopping experiences through messages in real-time.


Generate New Leads

Nurture and qualify leads directly within Facebook Messenger using AI-powered conversations. Collect basic user details such as email, phone number, and intent of reaching out and seamlessly transfer to a live sales agent when needed.



Guide users with a Persistent Menu

Prompt users both new and existing to start a conversation with your brand using Persistent Menu. This feature within Facebook Chat bot allows you to showcase your best-selling products, offers, discounts, product demo, and frequently asked questions such as “How do I change my billing plan?'


Deliver speed with Quick Replies & Pre-built templates

When users talk to bots, they want answers and they want them fast! Equip them with quick replies to make it easier for your users to get answers to what they’re looking for. Add pre-built templates to guide users across their support or commerce journey within the app they already love and use!


Entice action with Carousels & Buttons

Display some of your best-selling products using carousels and add strong CTA buttons nudging users to take action! Drive traffic to your website or app, increase product demo sign-ups, promote offers & discounts, and seamlessly turn conversations into sales all within Facebook Messenger.

Asset 16
Asset 16

Seamless AI to Human Escalation

Contextual AI to Agent handoff to reduce risk scenarios. Agents get quick access to user information, history, purchases, loyalty, and more to deliver accurate support and accelerate ‘in-the-moment sales.

Asset 17-2
Asset 17-2


Out-of-box Integrations with Industry-Leading Platforms

Haptik’s Facebook chatbots integrate with leading Live Agent Platforms to reduce agent response time with helpful data and winning responses



Haptik offers a zero coding deep integration with Zendesk, enabling on-demand, self-serve, automated support on Instagram, along with friction-free live agent hand-off.



Using Freshdesk for your live agents? Make your agents’ lives simpler by using chatbots for Facebook Messenger to resolve routine tasks along with seamless AI-Agent handoff whenever needed.



Give your users the best of AI and Agents. Allow Facebook chat bot to solve common user queries in no time, and let your Live Agents focus on high-priority critical issues. 

Ready to Accelerate Sales using Facebook Chatbot?