SMS Marketing that’s Interactive & Personal


Your customers are no longer receptive to bulk SMS notifications. Say hello to GPT-driven SMS marketing, which engages your customers in direct and personalized conversations that result in better engagement and higher conversions.

80% North American population uses SMS for all key communications
64% consumers think businesses should contact them via SMS
75% consumers want to receive SMS with special offers
60% lesser agent hours required with automated SMS

Benefit From Two-way Communication through SMS

Drive repeat purchases, achieve scalability & optimize CX

Start a Conversation down arrow

by sending engaging messages, reminders, offer updates, and more start a conversation

Make it an Interaction down arrow

by allowing customers to respond back to your messages with any queries or further information they might need Make_it_an_interaction

Complete a Transaction down arrow

by meeting your customers' needs and directing them toward their goals Complete transactions
start a conversation
Complete transactions

Intuitive SMS Marketing that Resonates with Your Audience

Everything you need to drive successful SMS campaigns


A/B Test Campaigns

Run A/B tests for your SMS marketing campaigns to make customers relate to your messages


Powered by AI

Truly understand what your customers need and engage in conversations that feel natural and have a human touch

Out-of-the-box integrations 281122

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Integrate with Twilio, Shopify, CRM, Livechat, Ticketing and various other tools that you already use in no time

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Track metrics that matter to your brand and improve your SMS campaigns with actionable insights

Why Brands Across Industries Love SMS Marketing with Haptik

Industry-specific use cases designed to increase leads, transactions, and repeat purchases

Travel Chatbot

Travel & Hospitality

Travel Chatbot

Increase bookings with personalized travel plans, hotel recommendations, discount offers, and more 

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From booking appointments to providing patient care to selling healthcare products, you can do it all with SMS marketing.

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Send offers, discounts, cart abandonment reminders, payment reminders, and more to increase sales 

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Whether you provide lending services, digital currencies, e-wallets, or personal finance, use SMS marketing to increase customer engagement.

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See it in action!

Convenient and conversational, SMS facilitates a direct, personal engagement between brands and their customers.

Holiday marketing

Proactive Messaging via SMS: Why Your Holiday Marketing Needs It

Holiday marketing

In this blog, we cover how Proactive Messaging via SMS can help you achieve your holiday marketing goals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping days on the calendar.

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