$173M is projected to be spent on social media ads in 2022
5X ad costs are required to drive the same amount of traffic
90% customers demand responses instantly within ten minutes
66% users expect brands to understand their unique needs

Interactive Conversational ads 

Stand out in the saturated market of digital advertising with ads that can talk with your customers. Capture user details as part of the conversation and answer all of their in-the-moment queries to generate leads instantly 

Capitalize on users' initial attention with Click-to-message call to actions

Provide dynamic ad experiences with two-way communication 

Increase your return on ad spent (ROAS) on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram 

Personalised Buying Guidance 

Make it simple and easy for users to purchase from your brand. Instantly match user preferences with your products & services with our AI-driven recommendation engine just like a human would

Go beyond keyword search to understand user preferences even from their most complex queries 

Provide easy product comparisons and reviews to help users make their decisions faster

Complete the purchase journey within the messaging apps by using payment integrations 



Proactive Messaging & Engagement

Don't wait for your customers to contact you. Once your users have engaged with your brand, make their experience even more delightful by proactively communicating everything they should know. 

Send personalized notifications to your users based on their activity or inactivity

Send periodic updates to keep users informed about shipping updates, orders, payments & more

Win back abandoned carts with exciting offers and discounts 


Behavioural User Insights 

Build targeted campaigns for your users instead of one-size-fits-all messaging. Go beneath the surface data to learn what ticks your users, which products they like/dislike, which trends they follow and what should be the next big focus for your brand 

Increase engagement every time with highly targeted ad campaigns 

Turn one-time customers into repeat buyers and build lifetime relationships

Unlock the maximum buying potential of your users throughout their lifecycle

proactive messaging improve conversions
proactive messaging improve conversions

The next generation of marketing is Conversational