Unlock Unmatched Efficiency in Customer Support with Generative AI


Leverage GPT-powered chatbots to offer 24/7 customer query resolution across channels using hybrid AI & live agent system.


Streamline Customer Support with AI Assistant

  • circle-check Expedite query resolution and provide autonomy to customers with self-serve options for routine queries.
  • circle-check Drive customer satisfaction by offering a personalized support experience.
  • circle-check Make support-related information clear, concise and actionable.
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Make Customer Support Proactive & Smart

  • circle-check Anticipate your customers’ pain points and reach out to inform them of service delays, product installation updates, and more.
  • circle-check Reach out to customers to know if they found answers to their queries through FAQs and other resources.
  • circle-check Reduce product returns and exchange by offering buying guides that offer clarity to shoppers before they make a purchase.
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Customer Support that’s Scalable & Cost-effective

Use our pre-built messaging templates & intuitive chatbots for more efficiency


Rich Customer Insights

Offer the best-in-class user experience using Haptik’s NLU model that comprehends human emotions and facilitates rich customer insights


Automation at Scale

Serve any volume of customers by automating customer support and enable self-service for enhanced customer experience.



Be available 24x7 to resolve customer queries and address requests and complaints to drive customer retention.


Smart Agent Routing

Resolve upto 80% of customer queries and route complex issues to support agents based on their workload.

Customer Care Solutions for every Industry

Our solutions are specific to your industry, helping achieve myriad use cases


Provide personalized and comprehensive support pertaining to policy management, claim submission, premium payments, beneficiary details, and more. Help policyholders with answers to FAQs for quick query resolution.

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Provide instant support to customers 24x7 for 365 days. Empower customers with self-service option along with automated support that helps resolve their banking and financial queries hassle-free and quickly.

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Make it seamless for shoppers to check product availability, track their order status, know about return and refund policies, and change delivery details to ensure they have a smooth shopping experience.

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Offer immediate and accurate healthcare information to prospective and existing patients and collect feedback to help improve patient care and services.

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Combine in-app messaging with automation to make support lightning quick and ensure gamers resolve issues on their own, which improves gamer satisfaction and optimizes support costs.

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Media & Entertainment

Help consumers resolve issues related to account and billing management, connectivity, video streaming, content delivery, event ticket booking, and more.

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