Power Seamless Shopping Experiences with Generative AI


Help customers find the right products and streamline their shopping experience with Generative AI-powered sales assistant. Improve conversions with personalized recommendations & phenomenal pre-sales support.


Intelligent Features for Smart Buying Guidance

Unlock Tangible Business Value with Generative AI


Human-Like Sales Assistance

Built on large language and generative AI models, the sales assistant provides personalized product recommendations based on context from ongoing and previous customer conversations.


Enable Informed Buying Decisions

Offer buying guidance based on information from your help center, blogs, ensuring customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions.


Catalog Search

Respond with precise recommendations based on customer queries with embeddings that can search through your product catalog for the best match.


Out of Scope Query Handling

With advance NLU capabilities, augmented by GPT, the sales assistant can understand & respond to complex commerce queries in a conversational manner.

How GPT Sales Assistant Works

1. Ingestion

The product catalog is ingested into the system while natural language search is enabled to power fast and accurate product search results.

2. Human-Like Sales Assistance

The sales assistant sends personalized buying guidance & dynamic responses based on queries.

3. Accurate Responses

The sales assistant has been trained on unstructured data to understand company policies & purchase recommendations, improving the accuracy and relevance of answers.


Turn Window Shoppers into Buyers with Generative AI

  • circle-check Personalized Guidance: Guide prospects with tailored responses so they find the right products and complete the purchase.
  • circle-check Versatile & Accurate: Cater to as many customer requirements as needed - including pricing, ratings, availability, store location, and more.
  • circle-check Improve Buying Experience: Help hesitant shoppers make informed buying decisions with conversational support improving their experience & increasing conversion.
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Convert Buyers into Brand Loyalists

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  • circle-check Continuous Engagement: Help customers with order tracking, product returns, feedback collection, and more.
  • circle-check Timely Support: Fast-track query resolution and access to information, so customers feel well-supported and become brand ambassadors.
  • circle-check Advice & Tips: Customers aren’t always seeking product recommendations. Provide personalized advice & tips giving essential takeaways for future purchases.

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