Power Data-Driven Customer Experience with Cutting-Edge Analytics


Track bot & agent performance with real-time analytics. Enhance customer experience with AI-powered actionable recommendations & create custom dashboards to monitor metrics that truly matter.


Reimagine Agent Efficiency with Generative AI

1. AI Chat Summaries with Sentiment Analysis

AI-powered chat suggestions and summaries to ensure faster response time, and personalised, effective query resolution.

2. AI Assisted Responses

AI generated response suggestions to help agents quickly resolve customer queries based on conversational context and past queries resolutions.

3. AI Powered Tone Enhancer

Enable agents to adjust ton and rephrase responses - allowing them to craft effective responses.


Get Real-Time Insights into User Behavior & Bot Performance

  • circle-check Track KPIs and refine customer strategies with real-time insights into user behavior and experience.
  • circle-check Evaluate bot failure messages and notifications to identify bot breaks and improve conversation flows.
  • circle-check Explore growth areas with insights into common user queries by adding them to your conversational flows.

Get Better As You Scale with AI Recommendations

  • circle-check Optimize customer experience by consistently evaluating customer interactions and implementing AI recommendations.
  • circle-check Gain complete visibility on all conversations with AI-powered algorithms.
  • circle-check Create custom conversation funnels to track bot effectiveness by monitoring completion rates, drop off points, etc.

Optimize Agent Efficiency with Key Metrics

  • circle-check Allow agents to analyze trends and optimize staffing levels to ensure timely resolution & reduced wait times.
  • circle-check Enable agents to track efficiency and identify areas of improvement with relevant KPIs.
  • circle-check Help agents deliver a better customer experience with data-driven approach to query resolution.

Unleash the Power of Data on Customer Experience