Intelligent Analytics

Powerful Intelligent Analytics Platform Built for Scale

Truly understand how your customers interact with the Virtual Assistant, discover what’s limiting their user experience, and continuously improve CSAT & NPS.

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Eliminate Guesswork & Truly Empathize With Your Users Using Real-time Data

Unlike traditional analytics tools that focus on event-based data, Haptik’s Intelligence Analytics is built for Conversational Analytics. Uncover key business metrics such as trending user queries, sentiment analysis, bot breaks, business ROI, and lots more on a single interface.

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Understand What Gets your Customers’ Ticking 

Find out how your users interact with the virtual assistant, frequently asked questions, reasons why they drop off, which solution catches their attention, and more.

  • Message & Story Analysis: Evaluate critical customer issues and roadblocks.

  • User Feedback: Understand what your users really feel about interacting with your virtual assistant and discover improvement opportunities. 

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Demystifying Bot Breaks

  • Identify Bot Breaks: Improve conversation flows by evaluating user intents that the bot failed to understand.
  • Evaluate Growth Areas: Get insights into highly asked user queries that are not in scope and can be added to your conversational flows. 
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Truly Empathize with your Users’ via Sentiment Analysis

Advanced NLU capabilities to automatically detect user query repetition, negative feedback, broken user experiences, cuss words, and IVA repetition. Sentiment analysis helps deliver exceptional automated conversational experiences without undermining personalization in your brand voice. 

Diagnose Problem Areas & Opportunities 

  • Evaluate ROI using Smart Funnels: Analyze the performance of your virtual assistant with the number of queries resolved end-to-end.
  • Custom Funnels: Create custom segments to identify the real underlying issue resolution rates for your customers.

Take Data-driven Actions with ISAT score

An industry-first proprietary framework to accurately measure the effectiveness of an intelligent virtual assistant by analyzing positive, negative & neutral user experiences.