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Conversational AI

4 eCommerce Customer Experience Trends for 2021 (and How AI Can Help)

Midway through 2020, this slide became quite popular online:

08 Jan 21

Conversational AI, Ecommerce Chatbot

4 Factors Driving the Growth of Voice Assistants for eCommerce

The e-Commerce revolution paved the way for online shopping from the comfort of the customer’s home. And the next big development in the Retail space has been Conversational Commerce. It combines the speed and convenience of e-commerce with the interactivity and personalized assistance of an in-store retail experience. 

21 Dec 20

Conversational AI

Sentiment Analysis: Enhancing Your Virtual Assistant's Emotional Intelligence

While implementing virtual assistant solutions, there is understandably a great deal of emphasis on the intelligence of the solution. After all, it is essential for the assistant to know what the customer wants, and what it needs to do to fulfill that requirement. 

28 Oct 20