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Customer Experience, Product Management

Why are Product Managers obsessed with CX platforms in 2021?

The most critical skill identified in top-performing product managers is their obsession with customers and their customer experience. In a single day, a product manager makes multiple decisions keeping their customers in mind, and some of these questions might look like - 

12 Sep 21

mulitilingual chatbot

The Next Big Thing for Multilingual Chatbots: Hinglish

With the world moving online in the post-pandemic world, it is now more critical than ever for businesses to provide the best possible customer experiences in order to sustain in this competitive market. A crucial part of this customer-centric strategy requires brands to support their customers in a language they prefer. 

03 Aug 21

AI Chatbot, Conversational AI

Chatbot Vs. Intelligent Virtual Assistant - What's the difference & Why Care?

Implementing a Conversational AI solution is integral for businesses that want to improve their Customer Experience. With the right strategy, you can engage with customers in human-like conversations while being cost-effective. However, with a plethora of solutions available, most CX and Digital Transformation professionals get confused between ‘chatbots’ and ‘intelligent virtual assistants’. 

10 May 21