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Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbots are used by some of the world’s leading brands across e-commerce, financial services & telecom to drive transactions and reduce support costs. 




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Why should you choose Haptik?


Powerful Two-way Communication

Experience free-flowing conversations with customers using Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot with advanced notification capabilities as a complete messaging solution.


Industry Leading NLU

Our proprietary NLU engine provides pre-built conversational flows with domain intelligence to solve the common use-cases within your industry.

Multilingual Support

Fluent Multilingual conversations

Choose from Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Gujarati & 10+ languages other than English, with a natural understanding of slang, colloquialisms, domain-specific words.


Haptik Integration Ecosystem

Connect your existing business tools like Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Sunshine, Freshchat, & others with powerful out-of-the-box integrations.

End to End Commerce with WhatsApp Business Pro

Haptik brings the ultimate Conversational Commerce solution designed to increase sales and revenue exponentially with the WhatsApp API: 

  • Discovery & Instant Opt-in via Missed Calls - Increase the adoption of your new WhatsApp channel from Day 1 with Exotel Missed Call integration for instant opt-ins. 

  • AI-driven Personalized Recommendations - Increase upsell & cross-sell opportunities by contextually suggesting products based on user's needs & past behavior. 

  • Easy payments via UPI - Enable customers to make direct payments from WhatsApp via UPI transactions. Send notifications as payment reminders to collect payments promptly.

Engage at scale with WhatsApp campaigns

  • Manage Campaigns - From welcome messages to payment reminders to shipment updates - now you can create campaigns and automate bulk notifications to expand your reach and engagement.

  • Manage Contacts - View, prioritize and manage all your WhatsApp contacts in one place to get a complete view of your customers while interacting with them. Upload bulk contacts via API or CSV files & manage contacts with an intuitive dashboard.

List & Reply Buttons 

Customers can now enjoy an easy, quick and seamless user experience on your WhatsApp Chatbot with interactive list & reply buttons for selecting preferred options.

  • Instead of going through a numbered menu and pressing 1, 2, 3, customers can now choose an option from a menu-type list view making the experience 3x faster.
  • Customers can now reply quicker with reply buttons rather than having to type back complete answers from a list of alternatives

Industries that can’t say no to WhatsApp Chatbots

Haptik leverages its power of scale and industry expertise to help you build the best WhatsApp chatbots for your customers. Industries like Telecom, eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Banking & Finance are the biggest adopters of WhatsApp Business API  accelerating their revenue while reducing support overheads to exceed their ROI goals.



What can you achieve with Haptik’s WhatsApp Business API?


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