The Haptik Open Source Challenge

As we’ve said in the past, we at Haptik are highly grateful for the open source community for the role it has played in getting us where we are, and are always looking to contribute back with work such as Pacemaker. However, while we’ll continue shipping code, we really would like others to get involved as well.


For this reason, we’re launching the Haptik Open Source Challenge. Every once in a while, we’ll pick up one of our libraries and invite the community to contribute to it. Contributors stand the chance of winning cash prizes and jobs at Haptik.


Today (September 17, 2015) we’re starting the first Open Source Challenge, inviting contributions for Pacemaker. The library helps fix a severe bug with Google Cloud Messaging, which more and more apps are relying upon these days. For details on the bug and the library, we recommend visiting the GitHub page.


Your goal, if you do accept the challenge, is to build out a functionality that allows multiple apps on the device to use Pacemaker, without harming the user’s battery life. You need to devise the most appropriate strategy, whose goal is to minimize heartbeats sent, while ensuring all applications on the device function properly.


We have set a cash prize of Rs 5,000 for the most significant contribution to this challenge. The contributions will be judged on the algorithm, completeness, and ultimately whether or not we believe the pull request is ready to be merged. Additionally, we would be offering interviews to a large number of contributors to join our Android development team. So, if you are interested in joining our team, this is a great way of getting yourself noticed.


The challenge is open until 12 noon on 21st September, 2015. So go ahead, fork us, do a good deed, and once you’re done, submit a pull request. If you have any questions, E-mail me (Raveesh Bhalla) or reach out to me on Twitter.

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