The Haptik Code Executor

Virtual Assistants built today are expected to not just help with frequently asked questions but actually furnish end to end query resolution. In order to be able to provide a holistic & unified experience to end-users, virtual assistants need to be able to carry out these tasks instead of guiding the user or providing a DIY manual.

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How Haptik Carried Out Their Largest Python 3 Migration

At Haptik, most of our backend stack revolves around Python. We use the Django framework to help us get started and build scalable applications on the go. Python, being an interpreted language, reduces the time between writing code and deploying the code in production.

Python has become one of the most popular coding languages out there. Here are a few reasons why:

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Serverless CSV Uploader For API Integrations

At Haptik, thus far, we’ve developed Conversational AI solutions for a number of enterprises across sectors. Most of the bots we have developed so far have custom use cases which require API integrations. There are some use cases where the bot response is completely dependent on the user input. 


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