Solutions Showcase | Part 3


Traditional chatbots have become clunky and outdated. They seem to be far from intelligence and personalization, resulting in poor query resolution and a bad customer experience. Today, 64% of businesses believe that chatbots with more human-like features can help them offer a more personalized service experience to their customers.

If your chatbots have limited or no human-like capabilities, they can not deliver the quality of service that your customers expect today. For an AI chatbot to be efficiently capable, it must be understanding natural languages and possess human-like traits to meet the standards of evolving customer expectations.

But, what human-like capabilities should chatbots have?

To answer this question, you can watch this 20-minute Solutions Showcase hosted by our experts Alex and Sobhith. This quick-bite session walks you through some never-had-must-have bot features that can win customers right away.

Watch the video and learn:
  • What human-like features can empower your bots to drive CSAT at scale
  • How do advancements in NLU make chatbots more human-like than ever before
  • How to drive success with a personalized bot-support strategy


Must watch for: eCommerce Heads, CX Leads, Customer Service Leaders, Digital Transformation Leaders, Marketing/Sales, Product Experts, Founders.

“Solutions Showcase is a series of quick bites to Haptik’s AI-driven innovations that allow businesses to experience different aspects and strategies to win customers”

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