WhatsApp Business Solutions: Transforming Business Communication


WhatsApp has been at the center of the digital transformation strategy of many global brands.

The customer of today demands the finest experience while interacting with your brand. And, that’s where WhatsApp steps in! The solutions provided by WhatsApp have transformed how businesses imagined communication.  

Haptik, in partnership with Reliance Jio, presented WhatsApp Business Solutions: Transforming Business Communicationa power-packed discussion where we analyzed and explained:

  • The WhatsApp Evolution - Messaging App to a Powerful Business Messaging Channel

  • End-to-end Customer Journey - Promotion > Purchase > Care > Support

  • Upcoming Big Features (Voice, Carts, Notification, Payment)

  • Privacy and Security for Business Messages
  • Enabling WhatsApp Business with Haptik (including Live Demo of WhatsApp integration with Haptik's Conversational AI platform)

Salil Khanna, Pratyush Kukreja, and Renisha Rowe had a fascinating conversation on the growing usage of WhatsApp Business Solutions across all industries.

If you’re someone who’s keen on leveraging new channels of communication to provide an exceptional Customer Experience to your users, fill the form to receive the recording!