Building the World's Largest Vernacular Chatbots


The Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution consists of 22 languages! India is known for its linguistic diversity all over the world. While this positions India as a country with a rich cultural heritage, it certainly raises a challenge for businesses to communicate with customers belonging to different parts of the country.

There have been many ways in which businesses have innovated and solved this problem but there’s no better solution than a multilingual chatbot.

In order to create a personalized experience for customers, it’s essential to get rid of the language barrier that persists while communicating with different customers.

In this engaging session Pooja Modi and Akshay Kulkarni discussed:

  • The current state of multilingual chatbots in India 
  • Approaches and challenges to build a Multilingual Chatbot
  • Introducing Haptik's Linguist Pro
  • A Quick Tour on JioMart, JioHealth's & MyGov Multilingual Chatbot
  • How Haptik processed 100 million+ vernacular interactions
  • Factors to consider when deploying a Multilingual Chatbot

If you’re someone who’s looking to leverage the capabilities of a multilingual Conversational AI solution to create a deeper connection with your customers, this webinar is for you!