3 Business Problems Chatbots Solve Best


As per Gartner’s top strategic predictions for 2018 report more than 50% of enterprises will spend more on chatbots and bot creation by 2021.

After processing more than a billion consumer chats and solving business challenges for enterprises, we at Haptik bring to you “top 3 business problems chatbots solve best”.

This interactive webinar by our Business Head – Kartik Poddar will help you understand the best chatbot use case for your business and a lot more.


Top reasons you should watch this webinar:

  • Spending company resources on funding new technology isn’t an easy decision. How do you decide where to spend your R&D money then?
  • You need real insights and specific use cases that’ll work for your business before you decide to spend on chatbot. The kind of knowledge you can’t guesstimate.


Watch this webinar if:

  • You’re thinking of using AI to automate your business.
  • You’ve heard a lot about chatbots and want real numbers and use cases that can validate all the hype.
  • You want to learn how chatbots actually can make a difference for your customers.