Solutions Showcase | Part 2


Today’s consumers expect convenience and immediacy like never before. It has become harder for brands to differentiate themselves in a meaningful way online. It is clear that the standard online shopping experience is no longer enough.

93% of people make repeat purchases with brands that delivered a great customer experience. Haptik’s Conversational Commerce can help you achieve powerful and dynamic customer experiences. Using state-of-the-art AI capabilities, Conversational Commerce acts as a powerful search and recommendation tool for consumers to interact in natural language.

Watch the second episode of the Solutions Showcase series hosted by our experts Alex and Sobhith, and explore how Conversational Commerce provides intent-based recommendations to match user preferences based on your product catalog, descriptions, customer reviews, and other meaningful data. 

Watch this episode and learn:

  • How to leverage Conversational Commerce to increase add-to-cart rates and AOV
  • How an AI-powered conversational solution can turn new visitors into frequent buyers
  • How personalized conversational flows ease the online shopping journey for users

Must watch for: E-commerce Heads, CX Leads, Customer Service Leaders, Digital Transformation Leaders, Marketing/Sales, Product Experts, Founders.

“Solutions Showcase is a series of quick bites to Haptik’s AI-driven innovations that allow businesses to experience different aspects and strategies to win customers”


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