Introducing WhatsApp Business Pro Haptik's Ultimate Conversational Commerce Engine for WhatsApp

WhatsApp commerce has opened doors for millions of businesses to sell their goods and services to its  2Bn+ users. WhatsApp’s Commerce solution ticks mark every need that a business has to create a stellar conversational commerce experience.

The customer of today demands an experience that exceeds and redefines his expectations. Conversational Commerce perfectly combines convenience and experience to make your brand most preferred by the customer.

WhatsApp is constantly innovating on how to provide a solution that helps brands reimagine the future of Conversational Commerce. Haptik has created a solution that adds to WhatsApp’s credibility as the go-to solution for Conversational Commerce. 

In this webinar, we introduced WhatsApp Business Pro - Haptik’s Conversational Commerce solution for WhatsApp.


1. Renisha Rowe, Strategic Partnerships, WhatsApp

2. Sahil Kini, Co-Founder & CEO, SETU

3. Karthikeyan  Krishnamurthy, Chief Growth Officer, Exotel


Moderated by Pratyush Kukreja, VP and GM, India and Africa, this panel discussed:

  • Enhancing UX with WhatsApp's new UI elements
  • Driving Discovery and Adoption on WhatsApp
  • Powering hyper-personalized recommendations to boost conversions
  • Creating an end-to-end buyer journey including Payments on WhatsApp
  • Upcoming and exciting features on WhatsApp Business

At Haptik, we were trusted with the responsibility to test these features with two of India’s largest consumer brands - Jio Mart and Jio Mobility. This has given us a unique opportunity to get a first-hand experience of how customers are interacting with these new features. We have shared all our learnings in this webinar.

WhatsApp Business Pro is poised to unlock unprecedented revenue growth for your brand.  If you’re someone who’s looking to leverage new ways to grow your business, WhatsApp Business Pro is the ideal solution for you. Watch this webinar to know everything you need to know about it.