Google Business Messaging - Engaging with Users At The Heart of Search


The market leader of search has opened its doors to Messages, enabling users to interact with businesses on the channels they're already using - Google Search & Google Maps. 

This gives brands the opportunity to be where their customers are and deliver prompt service, thereby exceeding customer expectations.

Watch this Experts Roundtable to learn how you can improve engagement and increase your brand domination globally with Google’s Business Messages.

In this conversation, our featured panelists covered the following topics & more:

  • Everything you need to know about Google Business Messages

  • Driving enhanced customer support and improved conversions with GBM

  • Insights from early adopters such as Tata Mutual Fund and

  • How to get early access to Business Messages

Who should watch:  

- Customer Service Leaders and Managers looking to ease Customer Experience

- Digital Transformation Leaders looking to leverage Google to improve customer journeys

- Marketing and Sales Leaders looking to improve the conversion rate on Google spends

- Product Leaders and Founders looking to integrate GBM in their user journeys